Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Students Remember September 11th

On September the 11, students at Raymond L. Young took time to reflect and express their love for the United States of America.

The level of understanding is evidenced in the student writing and artwork on display.

As a school we are proud of our freedom, our choices, and the strong friendships throughout the student body.

Computers for Education

These two young ladies were the winners of the drawing for participants of the Computers for Education Project headed by Mrs. Rebecca Beard, Computer Lab Assistant.

Students at R. L. Young sent out 2,332 letters, filled 212 books, and raised $1,166 dollars to be used for the computer lab. Thanks to each parent who helped with this project, those who will choose a magazine in support of the school, and to Mrs. Beard for leading this event.

Book Fair Coming to Raymond L. Young

R. L. Young library will be hosting a bookfair on October 13 - 17. All students and parents are invited to visit. If you are interested in assisting Mrs. Lane during this event contact the school office.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Third Grade Program-WOW!

Smiling faces, beautiful singing, and a slideshow of Americana was the essence of the third grade program performed before the September PTO meeting. The program and meeting were well attended with over 200 present. The school and PTO officers appreciated the support. Of course, there is nothing better than being entertained by talented kids.

The teachers are to be commended for squeezing in time to teach the songs, create a beautiful slideshow, and choreograph the program.

The next meeting will be OCTOBER 14TH at 6:00 pm. with 4th graders performing. Don't miss it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Candy Time at Raymond L. Young!

It's candy time at Raymond L. Young. Several students made a visit to our neighbor Mrs. Roberson. Each bar is $1.00. The sale ends October 8th. Thanks so much for your support!

Friday, September 19, 2008

R. L. Young's Hardwork Cafe

Where is the best place to eat? R. L. Young's HARDWORK CAFE. Our reading coach, Mrs. Nunn brought the idea to me last spring and since then many people have jumped on board to create this special eating place.

The Cafe will serve as a dining place for Good Citizen luncheons, most improved student recipients, and TOP DOG students. (No tardies, no checkouts, no absences). Teachers in the classrooms are also dreaming up ways to reward students using the Hardwork Cafe.

PTO and the school's general fund purchased the tables. PTO officer Hope T. Allen arranged for her brother to construct the awning, helped to cover it, recovered the chairs, and even purchased twinkling lights to hang. The beautiful Monet painting is on loan from Mrs. Allen, too. A chalkboard is being painted and will be placed in the Cafe soon. Townsends donated shutters to give it a "Cafe" feel. Mr. Jemison, our custodian assembled all the tables and chairs and helped hang the awning. We appreciate the teamwork approach that continues to make things happen at Young.

It is important to motivate and reward the hard work of our students, faculty, and staff. I hope the Cafe is used every day by some deserving student or adult.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks, Daily Home!

Each Tuesday and Thursday, The Daily Home
is delivered to our school. Students can't wait
for our "Buddy Reading Time" so they can see
what is going on in Talladega and with our neighbors
in the county. They really get excited to find
one of their friend's names in the paper. Thursday
is their favorite day because of "The Mini Page."
Thanks to all the employees of The Daily Home
for giving us the "Extra" to "Read All About It!"
Please enjoy looking at the pictures of some students
as they enjoy their newspaper with their friends.

Read, Read & Read Some More!

If you're reading for fun
Or to find out what happens next...
There's tons of adventure
On the pages of your text.

A book is just a book
Until you discover
The story that awaits you
From cover to cover.

The story comes in different forms:
Fiction, Non-Fiction and Rhymes
But the days of reading just for fun
Can be the best of times.

So, snuggle up and read those books
Only you can measure
The story that's within your hands
And read to find the treasure.

Tra'Nijah was the first 2nd grader to reach 10
AR points! She is so happy to visit our "Treasure

Mrs. Thomas is happy to pose with Gracie in
front of the 2nd grade townhouse. Gracie is
happy to have earned 10 AR points and join
Tra'Nijah on the steps of our townhouse.

Julie Anne and Patrick are happy to be in the
townhouse, too. They've each earned 10 AR
points and are happy to get their tokens for
the Treasure Tower.

Sometimes it is nice to just sit and listen to a
story. Mrs. Sonya, Mary Grace's mom, shares
Mary Grace's favorite book with our class. Thanks.
Mrs. Sonya! Please come back soon.

Mrs. Nunn, our wonderful Reading Coach, is
happy to pose with Tra'Nijah in front of our
"Storytown AR Town."

Elizabeth and Tra'Nijah pose in front of our
"Storytown" entrance. Mrs. Jana Hadley painted
our Storytown Village and Mr. Jemison wired our
lamps. One thing is for sure...Reading "Lights" the
way to a brighter future. We are so blessed here
at R. L. Young with talented parents and staff
that go above and beyond what is asked to help
our students.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September PTO Meeting SEPT. 16th

The PTO meeting on September 16th begins at 5:30 pm. with the 3rd grade program to follow. We hope you will all show your support!