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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Child-Centered Teaching

Thursday, April 28th, our first grade students and teachers hosted an Young Authors' Tea to celebrate the writing progress made by each student. Mrs. Bittle and Mrs. Brooks shared quotes from various first grade journals. The journal entries are an inside peek into the lives of our students. This is a perfect example of child-centered teaching. 

Each child is different, bringing to the classroom THEIR experiences. By using this individual information, the child is drawn into the world of learning because it is relevant to them. The journal later serves as a keepsake of this important stage in the child's life.

Our first graders each wrote a book, designing the cover, illustrating each page, and even including a page about the author. Because it was their creation, they were able to read it fluently. They are so proud of their work. 

Landry L. is anxious to share his book with his Granddottie.

It takes an enormous amount of patience to allow each child to make their own book. This tedious process of correcting, reading, and sharing their progress last for weeks. Thanks, Mrs. Bittle and Mrs. Brooks for seeing the benefits of this end of the year project and hosting the Authors' Tea to showcase the work. Keep writing!

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