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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Improvement Do You Notice Here?

p.s. Here's a clue in case you couldn't figure it out!
3 CHEERS for our Maintenance Department. They are VERY talented!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notice Anything Different?

R. L. Young is bursting with activity throughout the 3 buildings! I decided to have a little fun and stir up some excitement about coming back to school. Check in often to see if you notice something different....
p.s. Don't forget to comment on what you see!

PICTURE 1 and 2

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Ellis Junior High Parents!!! ALERT!

Forming a bridge from the elementary level to Junior High is important to R. L. Young and Ellis Junior High School. I offered to share this information (below) with our former 6th grade parents. We were blessed to have wonderful,  support through your child's years at R. L. Young. It is our hope that this support will continue.


Mark your calendar for July 17th at 3:00!  Fundraisers, new officers, and other goals for the 2011-2012 school year will be discussed in this brief PTO planning session. We are looking forward to having a very active PTO, and we encourage all parents to attend this meeting.

You can access other important information by visiting Ellis Junior High's blog at!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I were principal for the day....Great Ideas from Students

Leave it to first graders to give some great and funny ideas for the principalship.  I have had tons of practice interpreting "invented spelling" and realize it is very appropriate for first graders. But for your convenience, I have provided standard spelling for our readers. It's true, children listen and watch everything we say and do.
Enjoy....(I certainly did!)
"If I were principal for the day, I would tell the teachers to take the number board away from the boys and girls, too. I would tell the teachers to not let us do math anymore."   Kyleigh Bittle 

"If I were principal for the day, I would make Mrs. Bittle teach sixth grade. Put gravel on the playground. No sloppy joes in the lunchroom. Make Mrs. Thornton teacher 2nd grade."  Tanner Thornton  (Mrs. Bittle and Mrs. Thornton are Tanner's grandmothers!)

"If I were principal for the day, I would be happy for the whole school and check on classes and students (the ones that are doing good)."  Montavious Woodgett

"If I were principal for the day, I would be the boss. I would be the boss of teachers. I love to be the boss. I love to be principal."  Landon Bridges

"If I were principal for the day, I would have the 1st grade PE in the morning. And 6th grade could come outside at the evening after lunch. And you can get a cup unless you are in kindergarten. And everybody can go into the teacher workroom. You at least have to read 1 book a day."  Payton McDonald

"If I were principal for the day, I will do anything I want to do. I will tell everybody what to do. But do your work every day. You need to do your work good."  Madison Smith

"If I were principal for the day, I would run the whole school. I would work on papers. I would tell the teachers what to do every day. I would say who is top dog of the week. I will say who I put on the top 20 board. I will say who is good."
Ava Parker

"If I were principal for the day, I would talk on the intercom. I would go to people's classes. I would do meetings. I would announce who is doing good." 
Chloe Dates

"If I were principal for the day, well, first I'd tell the teachers we need to do more of AR testing. I only have three more people to go up on my ice cream list. And we need more people on the top 20 board. So we can get more people on the field trip. And don't forget November 18th is grandparents' day. Mrs. Brooks and Coach Stephens would be the workers in the mornings in the lunchroom." 
Sara Tipton