Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Improvement Explosion at R. L. Young

As principal, I am always happy to report improvements to the school. During the summer, we strive to use this time wisely to improve the school buildings and grounds. Take a look at this completed list...

Strip, clean, and re-wax floors in new annex classrooms
Strip, clean, and re-wax floors in hallways (in process) 
Clean all carpets
Paint new annex walls and annex 1 walls
Paint all bathrooms on campus
Sand main building hallway floor (in process) 
Apply polyurethane to hardwood main building floors 
Paint lunchroom walls
Repair all restroom stalls that do not close properly
Complete installation of new lighting in main building
Replace light in teacher bathroom
Remove metal sheeting from Boys bathroom in main building
Seal 6th grade stone project at flag poles

And so much more!!!!

Check back soon for pictures revealing the improvements. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Talent Abounds at YOUNG...2011 LOGO Winner

R. L. Young students did an awesome job supplying plenty of entries for our 2011-12 school LOGO picture contest. The winning design will be displayed on the new school year t-shirt. These shirts are purchased at the beginning of the year. Each grade level has a specific color to purchase. Field trips and special events are favorite times to show school spirit and wear this student-designed shirt.
 The design portrays the famous school motto: "R. L. Young....a good place to learn and grow."
The winner this year, SAMANTHA LAMBERTH!  

Sixth grader Lauren Holbrook's logo design caught the principal's eye and her drawing will be used to decorate notecards. 

Thanks to all of the students who chose to participate. You made it extremely hard for 
faculty and staff to choose a winner! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

R. L. Young Blog Featured at AETC

Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Thomas presented at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference on blogging. This picture showcases participants that visited our workshop. We had a lot of fun showcasing the school's blog. Of course, it is easy to blog our school because of all of the wonderful things that happen throughout the year.

Thanks for coming! Participants, leave us a comment, but better yet, leave a link to the blog YOU created! 

Welcome Back, 2011 HIgh School SENIORS!

When students graduate from 6th grade, they are told they will always be welcome at R. L. Young. Often older students do return to walk the halls on the last day of school. There is something comforting
 about returning to your old elementary school. 

This year, our LUNCH BUNCH (ladies who serve in the cafeteria) prepared a special lunch
 for former R. L. Youngers before their Graduation Ceremony.
Fifteen high school seniors arrived on May 25 just in time for a great meal. 

They took time to reminisce about their days at R. L.Young, looked at old pictures, and took a tour of the school to see the changes. We appreciate this visit and are so proud to have played a part in their early education. 

You will go far because we believe in YOU! Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fabulous Way to End the 2010-11 School Year-Thanks, Bemiston Baptist Church!

The last week of school was jam-packed with activities, graduations, and the end of the year Awards Day. The children were dismissed early on Thursday and all that remained was a teacher workday on Friday. We all looked forward to this day and closing out another year. 
But before we left, we were treated to a delightful lunch by our neighbor and good friends at Bemiston Baptist Church. 
The meal and fellowship really hit the spot! 
The tablescapes were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the members 
that served us were so accommodating. 
We also used this lunch as an opportunity to honor and say goodbye to a retiring teacher, 
Mrs. Betty Lane Shirley. She has served 28 years and the last 9 at R. L. Young. 
She will be missed by all. 

 Thank you, Bemiston Baptist Church. Your kindness helps keep us motivated to give 100% to our students. We appreciate all of your support this school year. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tree Stump Remover....THANK YOU!

NOTICE: To the nice person who secretly removed the two, ugly tree stumps from R. L. Young's grounds (on the backside of Annex 1).....THANK YOU! Our campus looks even better because of you. 
If you know who is responsible for this act of kindness, please contact the principal at, so I can properly thank them. 
What a nice world we live in where folks want to help schools and are not looking for recognition or a pat on the back. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Citizens of the Year 2011 Ice Cream Picnic....Beary Good!

Don't worry, this bear did not attend the Good Citizen of the Year Ice Cream Picnic!
R. L. Young recognizes a Good Citizen from each classroom on a monthly basis. At the end of the year, teachers were asked to choose a Good Citizen of the Year. They met on the front steps to be photographed and moved on to the picnic area for a cool treat. We appreciate their good behavior, making R. L. Young
 a better place to learn and grow.
Kindergarten Good Citizens for May!

***A special thanks to Mrs. Joann Deese, counselor at R. L. Young, for arranging for this cool treat, 
provided by Sonic Drive In in Talladega!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

104 Heading to SIX FLAGS from R. L. Young

Teacher Name
# of Tickets
Tammy Liner
kelly davidson
Roxanne Lamberth
Linda Haynes
Betty Lane Shirley
Joy Bittle
Valerie Harris
Cathy Thornton
Reva French
Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca Lackey
Carrie Nabors
Cari Wilson
Teresa Brooks
Rhonda Nunn

Total Ticket Count: 104

The number of tickets is equal to the total number of students who
have completed 360 minutes, plus an additional ticket for the teacher.

Congrats to all those who took the time to record reading for 6 hours or 360 minutes. 
Now enjoy your day of fun. A special thanks goes out to Young's reading coach, 
Rhonda Nunn for spearheading this event. Excellent reward for spending time with books!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Time Math Fun

Looking for cool ways to keep those math skills sharp? Check out this link filled with many math sites to visit. Happy counting!

Thanks, Ambassadors for Your Service to YOUNG!

Principal Pattie Thomas, Kiara J., Jaelyn C., Benson S., Caleb C., Brady L., ON TOP ROW: Jasmine W., Megan R., Kayla W.,  Clay T.,  Lauren H.(look closely),Kaitlyn K., Meagan W., Nicolas H., Malik W., Lexi W., and Natalie M.
Dear 2010-11 R. L. Young Ambassadors,
Thank you for your service this year to the school. You made our school so much better. We appreciate all those days of running the school store, cleaning around the school, helping teachers, and just being an awesome group of students. I loved your willing attitude and sharp abilities to notice when something needed to be done. Great ideas and great kids.....that is what we had this year. I was also very impressed that everyone was able to remain as an Ambassador, maintaining an A average in conduct and keeping your grades up! 

We're going to miss you! When you apply for college, be sure to include your year of service to R. L. Young. You will all go far in life. Come visit!


Pattie Thomas

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

St. Jude Hospital Math-a-thon...Big Success!

Wonderful job, R. L. Young students on a huge effort to help children who are sick and in the St. Jude Hospital. They participated in a Math-a-thon, which polished up their math skills and helped to earn donations for children. Check out that total: $1,525.89!

I am proud of those who participated this year and appreciate Mrs. Cathy Thornton for overseeing this project. 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." HELEN KELLER