Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Guest Readers

We are looking for parents, grandparents,  siblings, business owners, local officials, or anyone who would be willing to stop by and be a guest reader! If you are interested in being a guest reader or know someone that would be a great guest for our students at RL Young please email Mrs. Taylor at or call me at 256-315-5789. I would love to add you to our calendar. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

R. L. Young Welcomes Grandparents!

This event occurs from 1 to 2:20 p.m. today! Be sure to check in with your child's teacher. A professional photographer will be on hand to take pictures for $10 per printed photo. Envelopes are available upon request.  

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Taking Time to Say Thanks....

On Friday, September 4, a beautiful arrangement of flowers was delivered to the school. Of course, everyone was curious as who the lucky receiver would be. The envelope said Mrs. Diane. It was not her birthday or anniversary. She was confused as to why such a beautiful gift would be sent.

A parent at our school just wanted to say THANKS for the kindness she showed when their child had a nosebleed in the bathroom that morning. Mrs Diane took care of everything as she always does. Her love for the school and professionalism does not go unnoticed. When you care about what you do, it is obvious to everyone!

Dear Parent....thank you for your thoughtfulness in recognizing one of the hardest working ladies I know! We are blessed at Young to have Mrs. Diane!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the 20 Day Count!

What students will have PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the 20 Day Count that is reported to the Alabama State Department of Education? It begins on September 8th and ends on October 5th.
 Be cool, come to school!

LAST YEAR these 93 students achieved this goal:
  1. Kye Burel
  2. Isabella Hutton
  3. O'Nijah Jackson
  4. Hayden Lovett
  5. McKenzie Rose
  6. Jamel Twymon
  7. Ahmiya Wilson
  8. Ashtyn Bishop
  9. Adelaide Carpenter 
  10. Raleigh Nelson
  11. Travis Parker
  12. Alauna Richardson
  13. Kata Wilson
  14. Kamindi Donovan
  15. Gavin Martin
  16. Caleb Perkins
  17. Takalyn Ragland
  18. Caleb Barber
  19. Jaliyah Chatman
  20. Hunter Davis
  21. Brady Haynes
  22. Ethan Payne
  23. Cate Thornton
  24. Larry Bowman
  25. Emma Bradford
  26. Mikayla Christenson
  27. Ean Gray
  28. Stephon Lumpkin
  29. Winston Parker
  30. Bayley Rogers
  31. Hunter Stivers
  32. VanDaji Storey
  33. Paxton Walker
  34. Anna Kate Wallace
  35. Brayden Duncan
  36. Emily Hall
  37. Matthew Haynes
  38. Ta'laya Lawler
  39. Ethan Wideman
  40. Landon Wideman
  41. Jackson Burel
  42. Logan Ellis
  43. Joshua Fegans
  44. Tony Landers
  45. Braden Large
  46. Carly Layfield
  47. Kaitlyn Smith
  48. Quade Cobb
  49. Johnathan Falkner
  50. Taniyah Garrett
  51. Jaia Jones
  52. Emi Nabors
  53. Maddox Williams
  54. JJ Hudson
  55. Jesaiah Lumpkin
  56. Noah Mowery
  57. Payton Parker
  58. Addy Staude
  59. Isaac Wilson
  60. Cadence Anaya
  61. Jordan Barclay
  62. Jayden Falkner
  63. Alivia French
  64. Lauren French
  65. Landon Bridges
  66. Nekerrius Cole
  67. Kortavius Cooper
  68. Christopher Evans
  69. Landry Liner
  70. Carlee Moxley 
  71. Ally Taft
  72. Tanner Thornton
  73. Astrid Wesley
  74. Nolan Atchison
  75. Jaycie Bates
  76. Landry Bradford
  77. Emily Gray
  78. Landen Hudson
  79. Jaquavion Lynch
  80. Monterio Redwine
  81. Brody Taft
  82. Ansley Trammell
  83. LaQuez Weed
  84. Joshua Knox
  85. Angelo Turner
  86. Nealie Williams
  87. Kaden Butler
  88. Latasia Estell
  89. Blaire McDonald
  90. Ethan Nabors
  91. Abigail Parton
  92. Bailee Robson
  93. Emily Ann Wallace
You may not know, but attendance and enrollment for this year DETERMINES the number of teachers schools qualify for NEXT year! Not only does your child learn when they come to school, it keeps our class sizes comfortable. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO HAVE YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL EVERY DAY.