Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Read Across America/Dr. Suess' Birthday Week March 2-6, 2015

Monday, MARCH 2...Cat in the Hat Day!
Wear red and black or dress like a cat.

Tuesday, MARCH 3...Book Character Day!
Dress as your favorite character from a book.

Wednesday, MARCH 4...I Can Read With my Eyes Shut Day!
Wear a shirt that you can read. (It has words on the shirt!)

Thursday, MARCH 5...Fox in Sox Day!
Wear crazy socks.

Friday, MARCH 6 ...Day of the Lorax!
Wear orange for the Lorax or green for the environment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

3 HOUR DELAY for Tuesday, Feb. 24

Please note that there will be a 3 hour delay for Talladega City Schools on Tuesday, Feb. 24. 

Stay tuned to the local news for changes to this delay. Stay warm...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

PTO Meeting, Thursday, Feb. 26th at 6 p.m.

All parents are invited to a PTO meeting on Thursday, Feb. 26th beginning at 6 p.m. Our first graders will be performing after the meeting.  Attending PTO is a great way to support your child's school and be a part of what makes Young extra special.

If you have not become a PTO member, the process is still open. Just send $5 in an envelope with your child, drop it by the office yourself, or give it to any PTO officer the night of the meeting.  $5 covers your whole family's membership for the year and gives you the right to vote at the meetings. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


Kindergarten and Sixth Grade enjoyed a brief moment of playing in the snow!
If you look really, really close, you might see a snow flurry or two. 


Talladega Career Tech

Our Sixth Graders enjoyed a presentation from the Talladega High School Career Tech Center today.
The presenters did an excellent job! Thank you.


EARLY RELEASE at 1:30 p.m. on FRI., FEB. 20th

 at 1:30 p.m. due to possible weather 
conditions. PASS IT ON....

Also, if you did not get a call from Central 
Office about this early release, let your school 
know so that it can be corrected.

Sixth Grade Archers

Good Luck to our Sixth Grade Archers:
Josh D.
Elton F.
Micah S.
Emily T.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Great Ways to Boost Reading Comprehension for AR Test

Always take your time when reading!
1. Set a timer so that it will probably go off about four times while your child is reading. Each time the timer goes off, have the child stop and draw a quick picture of what is happening in the story.

2. Ask your child as many questions as you can think of! Listen to your child read the book aloud. Before your child turns each page, stop and ask your child questions about what he or she just read.

3. You read to me, and I'll read to you. Have your child read the book aloud to you, and then you read it to him. Make a recording of you, (the adult,) reading the book fluently and with good expression.

4. Find shorter books at the same grade level and test on those rather than chapter books. Shorter books can be reviewed more thoroughly and easily, and are
therefore easier to pass tests on. It’s less discouraging for a child that is struggling.

5. Choose a book at the right reading level. In AR, kids are supposed to do better when they stay in their "zone." They should choose books that are within that range of reading levels for success.

6. Get stuck on a word? After you figure it out, go back and re-read that page. Once your child figures it out, have the child go back and re-read the whole sentence. Ask him what the sentence means. Now go back to the top of the page and re-read the whole page! If you could see the specific questions that children miss on the AR tests, and then think back to that section of the book, you may very well find that the page with that information was a page with a couple of tricky words.

7. Read an AR book five times before testing! This is a good rule of thumb for children that are new readers, and a rule that is commonly used in some first grade classes. The children are expected to read their AR books five times before testing!

8. If the book is non-fiction, have children take a careful look at the headings, table of contents, and glossary if there is one. Think of it as studying for a test- not just reading a book.

9. Have your kids practice finding the main idea of simple conversational topics first,
then move on to books.

10. What should you do if your child is STILL failing the AR test, even though you have tried lots of these strategies? * Take the reading level WAY down until you find the level of books that your child is successful at. Stay on that level for a while, and build up the feeling of success. Then start inching the reading level up, little by little, keeping an eye on the test scores to make sure that you do not go past what the child is capable of doing. * Discuss test taking strategies. If there is a word in one of the multiple choice answers that the child has never seen before, then that's probably NOT the correct answer!

The specific blog post related to AR tests can be found here:

2014-15 Archery Team...Good Luck at Regionals!



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TWO HOUR DELAY for FEB. 19, 2015

Please make note that there will be a 2 hour delay for tomorrow, Feb. 19, 2015 for Talladega City Schools. Pass on this information.

Six Flags Reading Program Ends Fri., Feb. 20!

The Six Flags Reading Project will end this FRIDAY, FEB. 20 for grades K-6. ANY student who has read for 360 minutes or 6 hours can earn a free ticket to Six Flags by simply logging their efforts. The form was provided and a parent must sign off that the reading has been completed. If you have lost your form, place the information on plain paper.  It's nice to know there are still free opportunities for family fun. 
Happy Reading!

Thanks, Mrs. Nunn for the beautiful bulletin board to show our progress and for all of the preparation for this reading opportunity for students.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Father/Daughter Dance is Tomorrow!

             Just a few important reminders:
*Only currently enrolled R. L. Young students may attend the       
*Students must be accompanied by an adult.
*Students should remain in the auditorium, unless they are visiting 
  the restroom or having their picture made by the photographer.
*Students may dress in formal wear or Sunday best. Please no bare shoulders or backless dresses.
The photographer has several packages to choose from
 and the $  must be brought that night. Please have correct change.
  Packages available:      $15       $ 25        $ 35         $45

A Beautiful Tradition at R. L. Young

One day our little girls will be beautiful brides, such as my daughter at her December wedding 2013.  She is dancing with her father. (I will cherish this picture forever.)
At R. L. Young, we believe that while our girls are young, it is important to let them know that they are special, beautiful, and so loved. This is the purpose of our dance.
Thanks to all who support the event. 
Every year in February, we honor our girls with a special dance. Their escorts are adults very special to them. It may be a family friend, dad, uncle, church member, or grandfather. No matter who comes, the focus is on the young girl. She has an opportunity to feel beautiful and special. This is important while she is still young. To feel cherished and admired for not only the outer beauty, but also inner beauty is important.  
Here are a few links from the past...Enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Planting that "Love of Reading" Seed

Struggling to read with your child? This site has podcasts that might support your efforts.

p.s. Some of the best memories that my husband and I had with our children were sharing books after bath time. Planting that "love of reading" seed...