Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 May Good Citizens at R.L. Young

May Good Citizens

Kindergarten: Cole W. and Maddie McC.

First Grade: Emily H. and Bayley R.
         Second Grade: Kiera W. and Chase C.  
Third Grade: Cole H. and Ethan J. 

 Fourth Grade: Gabe H. and Cadence B.
Fifth Grade: Ty W. and Latasia E.
Sixth Grade: Jy'drean D. and Brianna K. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Award's Day Coming Wednesday, May 21st!

R. L. Young Awards Day on May 21st will have TWO SESSIONS! Grades 1st/2nd at 9 a.m. and 3/5 at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend!

EARLY RELEASE, Thursday, May 22

R. L.Young will dismiss at 12:30 p.m. on May 22th. If you have not sent a self-addressed stamped envelope, time is running out. If your child owes lunch money, owes for a textbook, or has a missing library book, the report card cannot be sent until the debt is paid. 

It 's been a great year! Happy Summer, everyone...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sixth Grade Class of 2014

Graduation Ceremony will be May 19th at 1:00 pm.
Your adventure has begun!
We are confident you will make the right choices and follow your heart
We hope in your life, we will always have a part!
CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE! Your future looks bright.
Don't let go of your dreams, always keep them in sight.
There are no limitations in what you can achieve
Go chase your dreams and always believe.
Don't let anything hinder your quest for the best!
                       --Author Unknown

R. L. Young students create a better playground for the future

R. L. Young students create a better playground for the future: There’s a tradition in place at Talladega’s R.aL. Young’s Elementary School. And in recent days, the 32 sixth grade students who are leaving the school for their new lives as junior high school stu...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Forever Young Field Day 2014

R. L. Young could not have ordered a more perfect day for our annual Forever Young Field Day. I have to admit though, as principal, I was a little concerned when Coach Stephens shared with me that he would not be there for the event. I tell my staff to take care of FAMILY FIRST and I always want to hold true to my word, but Field Day?? Luckily, R. L. Young has so many people who step up to help that everything went beautifully yesterday. 
Mrs. Humphrey, PTO President and Reva French, 6th grade teacher
A giant THANK YOU to Mrs. Renee Humphrey, our PTO President for stepping up to fill Coach Stephen's shoes. Like all of my employees, Coach Stephens left things in good shape. He guided Mrs. Humphrey prior to the event, gathered all of the game materials, and had things ready to go. She came in and put the ball in motion, along with her six precious children who lugged snacks and drinks to the concession stand site. 
Thanks to all of the many parents who really worked hard yesterday. The games were all covered, children were well mannered, and LOTS of Skittles went home! We appreciate everyone of you! Kudos to the former R. L. Young students that returned to lend a hand. We love seeing you and are thankful for your willing hearts and helping hands.

We understand that some parents were unable to help during the event, but you stepped up to do your part by sending cakes, pickles, drinks, and chips. Students couldn't believe that EVERYTHING was just a quarter. In all of the Field Day history, the concession stand has never raised its prices. All the money made goes into the PE fund. So thanks to all who sent items!
 The opening ceremony was a dignified, serious cermony due in part to the good behavior of our students and those children who had a leadership role. Thanks to our flag team, pledge and music leaders. You added to the ceremony and made it extra special. 
It was great to see Dr. Frank Buck. He came out to say a few words and enjoy in the festivities. He shared with students that he keeps up with the happenings at our school by checking the R. L. Young blog. I encourage you to check here, too, especially during the summer months.  
The biggest take away from Forever Field Day is that our WHOLE school can be on the playground at the same time just having FUN! Thanks again for the support...we feel it and APPRECIATE IT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

R. L. Young Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 2014

 Once a year, our PTO treats teachers and staff to a nice meal from Cafe' Royale. We also get to dine together, a rare occurrence for a school. It was allowed to happen because of some wonderful parent volunteers!
The theme this year was "Changing the World One Child at a Time". I am blessed to see the changes that occur throughout the year with all of our students. Our staff takes great pride in their efforts to teach children. R. L. Young is blessed to have over 400 years of teaching experience. We love what we do and appreciate parents sharing their greatest treasures with us each day.
Thanks to PTO for the delicious food, Mrs. Hodnett for the yummy brownies, and Mrs. Humphrey (and her children) for helping with the decorations.

IMPORTANT FACTS TO KNOW for the end of school


We are busy wrapping up a super year. We need your help with a few items of business:

If your child owes the school any money (candy $, lunch $, textbooks or missing library books, etc.) the report card will be held at the school until the money is paid. If they are graduating, they will not walk.

The library closed on MAY 2 for the year. There are currently many books that have not been returned. It is much easier to return a book than pay for the cost to replace it. Letters concerning the missing books have already gone home. No report cards will be sent to students with missing library books.

The LOST and FOUND has many items that need to be claimed. When school is out all items not claimed will be donated to charity.

Your child's teacher has given instructions on what to do to receive mail (report card, supply list for next year, etc.). Most teachers are asking for a self addressed stamped envelope or stamps and a legal size envelope. If you don't know please send a note so your child will receive his/her report card.

Please encourage your child to finish the year STRONG in behavior and academics. Many decisions are being made these last weeks for Awards Day and the sixth weeks' grading period. There are many fun activities planned and we don't want students to miss due to misbehavior.

Coach Stephens is working on FIELD DAY and he is counting on parents to help make this day happen! Thanks to all who have already responded to his call for assistance. He sent home letters asking for donations for the concession stand (a favorite with our kids!). Please do what you can to assist!

Thanks for being so supportive this year. We have enjoyed your child(ren) and look forward to the 2014-15 school year. Stay tuned to the school blog for the latest news!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Scenes from a Ballgame Tradition at R L Young

Fifth grade vs sixth grade...a tradition the UGA looks forward to every year. This is a friendly competition where it doesn't really matter who wins, we all just have a good time. Congratulations to everyone who was selected to represent their grade level. You did a great job!
New this year, Coach asked staff if they wanted to play and of course, we said yes! Check out the players at the bottom of the post. And YES, I was on the team! Go, staff...
***A big thanks to Coach Stephens for organizing this fun event.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coke Orders in Today!

Coke orders will arrive between 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. Please pick orders TODAY, May 7 on the playground (under the awning) before 3 p.m.
         Thank you for supporting R. L. Young!

Teacher Appreciation Week May 12-16, 2014

R. L. Young PTO sent home a letter to assist you with honoring our wonderful teachers next week.
Listed below are their "favorites", if you choose to participate. Just a handwritten note would be appreciated. Kind words, expressing gratitude warms the heart and helps support the work that teachers do every day.
On May 12, PTO will be hosting a luncheon for the teachers. Your child's teacher may ask for a volunteer to sit with the class as the luncheon from 12 to 1 occurs. 


Tammy Liner
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS:Grape G2, chips and salsa, blueberry muffins.
My favorite flower or plant : petunias
My most needed school supply : Clorox wipes and baby wipes.

Carrie Nabors
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS: Propel water, pretzels, brownies
My favorite flower or plant :ALL
My most needed school supply -Copy paper

Cari Wilson
Drink – Water & Decaf coffee
Snack – chocolate or fruit
Baked Goods - anything
Flower/plant - anything
Most needed School supply -colored pens & sticky notes

Roxanne Lamberth
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS: Diet Dr. Pepper, small Reese Cups & Snickers
My favorite flower or plant: petunias, Lantana
My most needed school supply: sticky notes & copy paper

Danni Odom-Winn
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS- tea, cheese crackers, cake
My favorite flower or plant: ANY
My most needed school supply - Printer Ink# 21 HP or Paper

Selena Nelson
My favorite drink: Pepsi
My favorite snack: Reese's/Snickers
My favorite baked goods: brownies
My favorite flower: star gazer lilies/gerber daisies
My most needed school supply: Clorox wipes/ink cartridge HP# 56 or 57

Linda Haynes
drink - Diet Pepsi
snack - chocolate candy
baked good – cookies/brownies
My favorite flower or plant - hydrangeas and gardenias
My most needed school supply - red pens, dry erase markers, clorox wipes

Joy Bittle
Coffee (no decaf) peppermint and any kind of fruit
My favorite flower or plant: any kind
My most needed school supply: Pencils & Kleenex
Joanne Deese-COUNSELOR
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite snack: mixed nuts, dark chocolate
Favorite Flower-gardenia or daisy
Most needed school supply-computer ink

Rhonda Nunn -Reading Coach
Favorite drink: Diet Sunkist
Favorite snack: dark chocolate with nuts
Favorite baked goods: strawberry pie
Favorite Flower-tulip/gerber daisy
Most needed school supply-paper/ink

Julie Burel
Favorite drink: water
Favorite snack: peanuts
Favorite baked goods: brownies
Favorite Flower-Gerber Daisies
Most needed school supply- Kleenex & Clorox Wipes

Kellie Payne
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Favorite snack: Cheez-its
Favorite baked goods: Brownies
Favorite Flower-Daisies
Most needed school supply- Kleenex & Clorox Wipes

Teresa Brooks
Favorite drink: Coffee & Flavored Water
Favorite snack: Chocolate “Treats”
Favorite baked goods: chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Flower: rose, impatients, hostas
Most needed school supply: dry erase markers, copy paper, wipes, and tissues

Kelly Davidson
Favorite drink: bottled water and flavor packs
snack: Baked Lays, 100 Calorie Snacks
Flower: Daisies, roses
School supply: copy paper, wipes, tissues

Valerie Harris
Favorite drink: water
snack: 100 calorie snacks
Baked goods: blueberry muffins
Flower: green plants
School supply: copy paper

Christine Lane
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS: Diet Dr. Pepper, snickers, chocolate chip cookies
My favorite flower or plant -roses
My most needed school supply_printer-ink-HP-28 color ; 27 black

Reva French
My favorite DRINK, SNACK, BAKED GOODS: Dr. Pepper, Chex mix (cheese);Reeses Peanut Butter Cups,  peanut butter cookies or chocolate chip
My favorite flower or plant _ pink tulips
My most needed school supply- colored ink pens

Chris Stephens
Favorite drink: Coke
Favorite snack or backed goods: Reese Cups/cheddar chips
Favorite Flower-white roses
Most needed school supply-Whiffle Balls & Bats

Bridget Belcher
My favorite drink: water
My favorite snack or baked good: anything chocolate, but NO peanuts
My favorite plant-anything that's not dead
Most needed school supply-copy paper

Gloria Thomas
My favorite drink: Mt. Dew
My favorite snack or baked good: Brownies & Chex Mix
My favorite plant- Gardenia
Most needed school supply- White-Out & Post-It Notes

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hey Kids....We want to send you some MAIL!

As the year end tradition, the last report card for grades 1-6 must be mailed to students after the final reports are done by teachers. If you have not sent your child's self addressed stamped envelope, TIME IS RUNNING OUT. 

Also, the board policy states that if your child owes for lost/damaged textbooks, lunchroom money, or library books, the school is to hold report cards and diplomas until all debts are paid. 

If stamp and envelope is sent, your child should receive the following:

  • school supplies for the new school year
  • a letter from the principal about upcoming news
  • end of the year grade report and attendance (no grades for kindergarten)
Happy summer to everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Principal's AR Pizza Party # 4 DONE!

 R. L. Young held its final Pizza Party for the year. To be invited, students must earn 75 points in AR with an 85% in comprehension.
                    Pictured above: Kennedy C. J'kaylen S., Blaire McD., Angelo T., Landry L.
Pictured above: Isaac W., Payton P., Lyric G., and Maddox W.
Not pictured: Tyler Wilson
A GIGANTIC thanks to CUSTOM Pizza for supplying the pizzas for these parties throughout the year. To thank them for their kindness and generosity, Mrs. Hodnett, the school secretary baked one of her famous Italian Creme cakes. YUM, YUM!
Above, Mr. Liner is pictured with wife (and our kindergarten teacher), Mrs. Liner, and their son, Landry, a 4th grader at Young.

It is wonderful when the community helps our local schools. We appreciate them very much!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

PTO Officers for the 2014-15 School Year!

From left to right: Treasurer, Brian Hutton, secretary, Laura Wideman, 
Vice President, Catrina Bates, President, Renee Humphrey

We are looking forward to your leadership for the new year!



May 21   Mrs. Kelly Davidson -2nd Grade Teacher

Hope your day is full of FUN!