Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Chance to be a TOP DOG

We are down to the last six weeks and time is running out to be a TOP DOG. Top Dog means...
Each six weeks TOP DOGS are recognized for their excellence attendance. Academic Achievement is directly tied to attendance. Make up work can be done, but the learning beforehand is not always present.

Each six weeks the TOP DOGS names have been placed in a bowl. The winner of the Baby TOP DOG will be drawn out and announced.

Good luck and COME TO SCHOOL!

Sprucing Up for Our Celebration!

R. L .Young is sprucing up for the 2 events marking the 80 Years of Excellence Celebration. Don't miss it...
May 5 Alumni/Open House (come join us for a cup of coffee, sweets, a place to catch up, check out the Memorabilia Room, and/or stay for lunch --$3.25 from the lunchroom)
May 8 Big Celebration 9:00 am. in auditorium

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Kinders Coming!

R.L.Young had some shiny new faces on campus today...our new kindergarten students. The children and their parents were invited to visit the school after a system-wide kindergarten registration at Harwell Auditorium.

School Ambassadors were on hand to give tours and help manage our new guests. They met important people like Mrs. Hodnett, the school secretary.

The school looked huge to these sweet children, but in no time they will know their way around!

Before leaving, our kindergarten teachers had prepared a slideshow of a lot of fun things they do throughout the year.
The children got to visit each classroom and participate in singing and other cool stuff.

With goody bags in hand, the children had just a taste of how much fun we have at school each day.
We are excited about our newest students and WELCOME them to R. L. Young...a good place to learn and grow!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is almost here. Don't be a late bloomer.
Please return your library book by May 8, 2009!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Talladega City School Foundation Visits Young with a BANG!

Thanks to the Talladega City Schools Foundation, there are many happy teachers in Talladega City and Raymond L. Young Elementary.

Three teachers at R. L. Young were greeted by TCS Foundation president, Jeanne Rasco, Superintendent Dr. Joanne Horton, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Douglas Campbell, and Curriculum Director Dr. Frank Buck AND the Drumline from Talladega High School.

These winning grant writers received balloons, a check, and an invitation to the Foundation Dinner held on April 16th at Shocco Springs Conference Center.

The Foundation has been so supportive of teachers through the years who strive to provide unique and outside of the box opportunities for Talladega City School students.

Congratulations to our grant winners...Kelly Davidson, Linda Haynes, and Cathy Thornton!

Of course, the big winners are the students.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Week to Qualify for AR TRIP

These students are checking out the TOP TWENTY board which is changed weekly!

The countdown will end this week to see who qualifies for the AR Field Trip. Here are the qualifications:

1st graders must have 50 points AND at least 80% correct average of tests taken
2nd graders must have 75 points AND at least 80% correct average of tests taken
3-6 graders must have 100 points and at least 80% correct average of tests taken

All tests taken should be in the reading range determined by the STAR test given at the beginning of the year and at Christmas.

The last day for points to qualify for the trip is APRIL 23. Award letters will be sent on April 28th to let the child know they made it. The letter MUST be signed and returned on April 29th. The trip is May 1!
There is no cost to the child (thanks to PTO covering the cost) but parents wishing to attend must pay if they are eating lunch and/or participating in the activities.

Click here to check your child's progress. You will need their username and password they use at school for the AR program.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling ALL Kindergarteners!

Picture above features this Young's kindergarten for the current school year.

Talladega City Schools will host its FIRST EVER joint Kindergarten Registration on April 21st from 12 -6 pm. at HARWELL AUDITORIUM.

Register Early and Receive:
Assistance with Blue Slips

    Readiness Screening for Child

    Invitation to Visit School Site

    Public Library Card

    Information about Summer Reading Program

Please bring the following to Registration

Birth Certificate

    Social Security Card

    Proof of Residence (Utility Bill)

    Immunization Record

    Child being registered (to screen her/him)


Monday, April 13, 2009

BIG WINNERS from R. L. Young!

6th graders from Raymond L. Young were BIG winners in the District Science Fair competition.

6th Grade Science Fair Winners for District

Animal Science
2nd place - Peyton Daniel - Brain Power Toy Poodle vs. Dashshunds

Behavior & Social Science
1st place - Sam Thomas - Measuring Memory Boys vs. Girls
2nd - Erin Bailey - Left right Left Right Left
3rd- Khason Lackey - Proof is in the Print

Cellular & Molecular Biology
1st place - Calvin Allen - Germ Explosion

1st place - Lucas Nunn - I’m Dyeing to Find Out
2nd place - Elizabeth Wood - Crystals

Computer Science
1st place - Kaleigh Pody - Does Repetition Increase Production

Earth & Planetary Science
2nd place - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3rd place - Deontaius Harmon - How a Thermometer works

Engineering ( Electrical & Mechanical)
1st place - Caitlin Robinson - Which Brand of AA Battery Last Longer
3rd place - Nate Holdridge - What happens when electrons displace

Environmental Management
3rd place - Brandon Williams - Magnets & Temperature

Environmental Sciences
2nd Ashleigh Farmer - What causes water pollution

1st place - Corey Davis - How many green M&M’s are in your pack
2nd place - Clint Brewer - The Birthday Paradox

Medicine & Health
2nd place - Ja’Korbein Porter-Keith - Blood Bathing/Dialysis

1st place - Sam Mann - Comparing the Growth Conditions of mold - 2nd Overall
3rd place - Hunter Presley - What Kind of germs are around us?

Plant Science
1st place - Haley Bowman - What helps Green Bean Plants grow faster

Three of our sixth graders were also winners at the state competition. Congratulations to Kaleigh, Ja'Korbein, and Ashleigh!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nice and Dry...Thanks to P.T.O

For many years, students and teachers have wished for a cover on the sidewalks leading to the bus pickup area. Our active P.T.O. has made this wish a reality! Just a perfect example of how your support of fundraisers is making a difference at R. L. Young.
The most recent effort to raise funds is our COKE sale which ends tomorrow. The orders will be delivered on Wednesday. The time will be announced later.
From every student, teacher, staff, and the administration...WE THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cookie Dough Sale --A Success!

Dear Parents and Friends of R. L. Young,

Thank you so much for the huge support of our recent cookie dough sale. The money raised is being used to prepare for our 80th Birthday Celebration slated for May 8th. There are many things that a school needs to make it look good on the outside and throughout the buildings.

I also owe a huge thanks to Coach Stephens who agreed to allow the top selling class to "SILLY STRING" him. Mrs. Brook's first graders were given the honor. They really did a good job!

Helen Keller said it best, "Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much." This sums up how things work at R. L. Young...working together for our students! Thanks...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ready, Set, Open Your Laptop!

This school year has opened the door to technology practices moreso than any other school year in our district. Many thanks to Mr. Campbell for writing a grant which helped each school to house "Mobile Apple Carts" which contain 20 student laptops, a teacher laptop, HP laser printer, a keyboard, two (2) digital cameras and two (2) digital video recorders and the software to help us teach and learn. With the new Technology Course of Study requirements, these Mobile Apple Carts will help us prepare our students to be technologically prepared for now and the future. Each laptop is equipped with a built-in-camera. The students have been working on them since September but have now incorporated them into their daily schedule. Their favorite part of having a laptop is the availability to take AR tests without having to wait to test on the classroom desktops. Enjoy the pictures! Without a doubt, these students are ready to learn more in 3rd grade. Who knows? Some of these students might even help the teachers navigate through the MacBooks. These laptops give new meaning to the the old phrase "an apple for the teacher!" Parents have stopped by to "check them out" and even Miss Alabama got her picture taken with Mary during her visit to R. L. Young. It is amazing how these 2nd graders have adapted to the computer revolution. They still get handwriting practice, though. They have learned to edit, copy and paste into a new document, change their spelling words and print out their homework to write their spelling words five times each. A little of the old with the new...amazing!

They bring their laptops to the reading group.
Today, we were in MS Word creating sentences
with their robust vocabulary words. It is even
a learning experience for Mrs. Armstrong!

These students are showing Julie's dad how the
built-in camera works. You should see their
picture on their background...Too cute!

Most of these students are engaged in taking
an AR test.

Marlee's mom stopped by to check on her
progress and she was amazed at how these
second graders could navigate through the

Miss Alabama was amazed, too and Mary has
the picture to prove it!

Calling all FIVE YEAR OLDS!

Pictured above, R. L. Young Kindergarten Teachers, Carrie Nabors, Roxanne Lamberth, and Tammy Liner.

All over Talladega you will notice information concerning kindergarten registration happening this month. We are excited about serving your child!
For more information you can all the Central Office, 315-5600.