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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ready, Set, Open Your Laptop!

This school year has opened the door to technology practices moreso than any other school year in our district. Many thanks to Mr. Campbell for writing a grant which helped each school to house "Mobile Apple Carts" which contain 20 student laptops, a teacher laptop, HP laser printer, a keyboard, two (2) digital cameras and two (2) digital video recorders and the software to help us teach and learn. With the new Technology Course of Study requirements, these Mobile Apple Carts will help us prepare our students to be technologically prepared for now and the future. Each laptop is equipped with a built-in-camera. The students have been working on them since September but have now incorporated them into their daily schedule. Their favorite part of having a laptop is the availability to take AR tests without having to wait to test on the classroom desktops. Enjoy the pictures! Without a doubt, these students are ready to learn more in 3rd grade. Who knows? Some of these students might even help the teachers navigate through the MacBooks. These laptops give new meaning to the the old phrase "an apple for the teacher!" Parents have stopped by to "check them out" and even Miss Alabama got her picture taken with Mary during her visit to R. L. Young. It is amazing how these 2nd graders have adapted to the computer revolution. They still get handwriting practice, though. They have learned to edit, copy and paste into a new document, change their spelling words and print out their homework to write their spelling words five times each. A little of the old with the new...amazing!

They bring their laptops to the reading group.
Today, we were in MS Word creating sentences
with their robust vocabulary words. It is even
a learning experience for Mrs. Armstrong!

These students are showing Julie's dad how the
built-in camera works. You should see their
picture on their background...Too cute!

Most of these students are engaged in taking
an AR test.

Marlee's mom stopped by to check on her
progress and she was amazed at how these
second graders could navigate through the

Miss Alabama was amazed, too and Mary has
the picture to prove it!


Anonymous said...

It's great that R.L. Young has a wonderful teacher like Mrs. Armstrong, who recognizes that students should use technology as much as possible in the classroom to prepare them for the world outside the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Armstrong, for being a dynamic teacher!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of R.L. Young and the technology they are using with students. Keep up the good work! We are all looking forward to seeing what great things the students do with this technology. Great photo shot Mary Grace Yates!