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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Week to Qualify for AR TRIP

These students are checking out the TOP TWENTY board which is changed weekly!

The countdown will end this week to see who qualifies for the AR Field Trip. Here are the qualifications:

1st graders must have 50 points AND at least 80% correct average of tests taken
2nd graders must have 75 points AND at least 80% correct average of tests taken
3-6 graders must have 100 points and at least 80% correct average of tests taken

All tests taken should be in the reading range determined by the STAR test given at the beginning of the year and at Christmas.

The last day for points to qualify for the trip is APRIL 23. Award letters will be sent on April 28th to let the child know they made it. The letter MUST be signed and returned on April 29th. The trip is May 1!
There is no cost to the child (thanks to PTO covering the cost) but parents wishing to attend must pay if they are eating lunch and/or participating in the activities.

Click here to check your child's progress. You will need their username and password they use at school for the AR program.


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