Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Monday, October 31, 2011

10-28-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

Logan E. has done a great job this week of following directions. He is always doing everything the right way the first time he is asked. He can always brighten everybody’s day with his wonderful smile and positive attitude. Awesome job Logan for being our brightest star!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Journals..a window into a child's soul......

Aniya was chosen as Good Citizen for the month of October. She chose this as a topic for her journal writing. How touching that she chose to share it with me!

Aniya writes: "I can not wait because I am good and I am sitting with the principal.
 I can not wait." 

Her teacher and I are glad that she is good in the classroom. I am thrilled that she is also unafraid to put her thoughts on paper, because the memories will last forever. It was, indeed, a pleasure to dine with her at the Good Citizen luncheon. 
Congratulations to all Good Citizens!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 2011 Good Citizens

Good Citizens from Kindergarten - Second Grade
Front row: Carly L., Emi N.
Back row: Ty G., Sara T., Kaitlyn S., Aniya T.,
Good Citizens from Third - Sixth Grade
Front row: Kacie P., Malorie B., Ambry H.
Back row: Hannah L., Amari J., Cohen D., and Patrick R.
Congratulations for representing your school and your families so well!

Friday, October 28, 2011

We LOVE our Lunchbunch at R. L. Young

R. L. Young students did a "switch-a-roo" on the lunchroom staff during National School Lunch Week. As these hard working ladies were busy preparing delicious lunches for the many guests fed that week our students showered Mrs. Gaither, Mrs. Harvell, Mrs. Gurley, Mrs. Whitten, and Ms. Morrow with surprises throughout the week.
                               Notes of appreciation were hung in the lunchroom for all to see.

Check out this video to see our many visitors during National Education Week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who will be PUMPKIN QUEEN at R. L. Young?

Students are invited to vote for their favorite teacher to become the next pumpkin Queen or King during school tomorrow or at the Festival. Each vote cost 25 cents. Any teacher at the school is eligible. Will Mrs. Lamberth hold her title? Come and see tomorrow night. 

AR Trophy + Monster Winners!

Winners of the AR Trophy and Monster for the week of October 10th-14th was Mrs. Nelson's 6th Graders. Their overall classroom comprehension was an impressive 95.6%.
This past week of October 15th-21st revealed a new winner, Mrs. Thornton's 3rd graders. Winning is not new to this group, they were the first winners to have the trophy and monster for the school year. There is something else very impressive about this bunch of awesome readers. Even though their teacher had to be out with a family emergency last week, they still kept reading and doing their best! Congratulations to both classes...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ready for the Fall Festival!

Frankie is READY FOR THE FALL FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-21-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student has been a true leader. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to others around him. He is always putting others thoughts and feelings before his. He has a kind heart with a wonderful attitude. This week’s star student is a true friend to everyone and he shows it by his actions. Great job Ethan N. for being this week’s star student.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thanks, Wal-Mart for Giving to School

 How often does one get a call out of the blue saying someone wants to appreciate your staff? Wow! That is exactly what happened thanks to the generous and thoughtful folks of Wal-Mart.

Winners of the gift cards: Cari Nabors, Joy Bittle, Bridget Belcher, Linda Haynes, Selena Nelson, Valerie Harris, Dani Odom Winn, Kelly Davidson, Wal-Mart Manager Lori Johnson, Employee Pat Simmons, Teresa Brooks, and Rhonda Nunn.

Not only did they bring a delicious freshly baked cake, but Manager Lori Johnson and long time store employee Pat Simmons held a drawing for ten $100 gift cards to be spent for the classrooms.

Most importantly, they made teachers feel special and appreciated. Wal-Mart manager, Mrs. Johnson said teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets each year. I know this is true of the teachers at R. L. Young and throughout the Talladega City School District. Teachers go this extra mile because they care about their students.

Thanks, Wal-Mart for caring about our schools, students, and teachers. You are enriching our community and the lives of Talladega.

White Cane Safety...a special program at R. L. Young!

Visitors to the school often open our minds to consider new ideas and gain important information. This past week third and fourth graders were in the audience of a White Cane Safety Program from AIDB. Five guests affiliated with the campus brought items of interest-guide dog, white cane, braille machine, and a sample of braille to share with the students. 

Students were free to ask questions of each speaker and become very comfortable learning about people who were visually challenged. These delightful guests made us laugh and opened our minds to learn more about others. Each student received a card with his/her name typed in braille. 

We appreciate AIDB for including us in this informative program! We hope you will come back again next year.

Monday, October 17, 2011

10-14-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student is an awesome student. She is always following directions. She is always doing her best. She has a big heart and is always showing others the right way to be a leader. She is a true friend and is willing to help anyone in need. Although times may get tough sometimes she seems to find a way to smile and brighten everybody’s day around her. Great job, Ashlyn for being this week’s brightest star!


Look at these AWESOME Good Citizens for the month of September. They were the first group to dine in our newly revamped Hardwork Cafe. Back row: Kylee B., Mary W., Julie G., Taylor H., Laine M., Tyler W., Bryer B.. Front row: Addie S., Kaleb F., Jackson B., Jordan B., and Olivia A.

**not pictured: Blair McDonald

This Week's Quote

Friday, October 14, 2011


If your child's report is not satisfactory, consider the following items:
*Is your child frequently tardy?
*Does your child complete homework?
*Do you and your child prepare for tests?
*Does your child know school is important to you, too?
*Does your child bring the necessary supplies to class?
*Do you visit the school for an occasional lunch date or to speak to the teacher?
*Is your child frequently absent from school, but could have probably attended? 

The problem may not be his/her ability to learn, but obstacles that can be easily removed. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct. 3-7th Trophy & Monster Winner-FRENCH

TEAMWORK and lots of reading helped Mrs. French's 6th graders earn the trophy and keep Frankie the monster this week. Congrats on your 95.1 % in comprehension.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 MEDAL CEREMONY....Quite Impressive!

Many hours were spent in preparation of our 2nd Annual Medal Ceremony to recognize high achievement on the Alabama Reading and Math Test for Spring 2011. The scores are received by the school from the state department during the summer. Every child, even those new to Young, who scored a level III or IV in math or reading received a medal. 

Mr. Campbell, Talladega City Schools Superintendent, was on hand to help recognize teachers for "Going for the Gold" and having their students SUPER-prepared for the tests.
Mr. Douglas Campbell
Ms. Thornton and Mrs. Haynes
Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Nelson
Mrs. French
Mrs. Belcher

Fifth graders take the Alabama Science Assessment across the state. R. L. Young was extremely proud of student achievement scores in the science area. 16 students received a gold medal and 13 were awarded the bronze.

Students were recognized in three categories on the ARMT (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Level III indicates the student "met standards" and level IV indicates the student exceeds standards. 
Level III in both Reading and Math (Bronze medal winners)
Level III and IV in Reading and Math (Silver medal winners)
Level IV in both Reading and Math (Gold medal winners)
Two young ladies were given "Rising Stars" certificates and pins. Their efforts during testing were worthy of recognition during the Medal Ceremony. 

We were excited to be able to arrange for students at Zora Ellis to return to receive recognition. Mrs. Gloria Thomas, assistant principal at Ellis handled arrangements at the school and accompanied her crew. We really enjoy watching students continue to succeed even after they leave R. L. Young and think it is important to form a bridge to feeder schools within the school district.

Thanks to our PTO for funding this recognition ceremony. Our students earned the medals and we are proud of all of them! And a special thanks to Kelly Davidson for the wonderful pictures! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

10-7-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

This week's star student was not only recognized by people here at our school but by visitors as well. She has demonstrated great leadership qualities. She has a kind heart and an uplifting attitude. When others around her are having a tough day, she is always there to lend a helping hand or just some kind words to lift their spirits. Great job Aubrey L. for being this week's brightest star!

R. L. Young Salutes Alfa Teacher of the Month for October!

R. L. Young received some wonderful news! Mrs. Cari Wilson has been selected as Alfa Teacher of the Month for October. This is a high honor that comes with a financial benefit for Mrs. Wilson and the school. Each will receive a check for $1,000. We are proud for her to receive this recognition and are blessed to have many teachers like Mrs. Wilson who possess high teaching standards and professional dedication.

The Alfa director writes:
Our state and nation need great teachers and great schools. We applaud what R. L. Young Elementary School is doing for quality education in our state. 

R. L. Young salutes you, Mrs. Wilson. You are a gem!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Principal for the Day....Landry Liner

Great journal page from my substitute, PRINCIPAL of the DAY, Landry Liner. He did a splendid job, I wasn't worried for one minute, because the school was in good hands.

My Day to be Principal:
I sold the most cookey dow. I can do the announcements. And I get to sit in the principal chaer. I gave out brownies to the best teachers in the world.
By Landry Liner

Cookie Dough Will Arrive on Friday!

Please make plans to pick up the cookie dough orders on Friday, October 7. Cookie dough cannot be held over at the school. Thanks to all who were able to help with the fundraiser. Hopefully soon Coach will have some amazing new playground equipment. 

Happy playing with your R. L. Young friends!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Picture orders are due on FRIDAY, October 7!
 Picture orders are due on FRIDAY, October 7!
Picture orders are due on FRIDAY, October 7! 

Honor Roll Assembly tomorrow!

R. L. Young will be honoring students who made all A's, A's & B's, and/or an A in conduct. We will also be recognizing our TOP DOGS (no tardies, no check outs, no absences). 

Feel free to drop by to help us celebrate on October 6. The K-2 ceremony begins at 12:45 p.m. and 
the 3-6 students will be recognized at 1:30 p.m. We are so proud of our students' accomplishments and we know you are, too!