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Delayed Start Means...

Talladega City Schools Delayed Start to School

·      The beginning of school has been delayed by two hours from the start time/time your students are tardy at your school.  For example:  Graham students are tardy at 8:00.  A two hour delay would mean that students are tardy at 10:00.

·      BREAKFAST is NOT served. 

·      Buses will run 2 hours later than normal.  If a student is usually picked up at 7:00, they will be picked up at 9:00. 

·      Any special activities (Academic Awards Ceremonies, Honor Society activities, etc) scheduled for the morning of delayed start days will be rescheduled for a later day.

·      Lunches are served at their regular lunch time and dismissal is at the usual time. 

·      ½ day check out time for students to be counted as here for the entire day is 11:30.

·      Teachers and employees are to report to school no later than 8:45 on delayed start days. 



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