Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween from R. L. Young

Tomorrow is October 31, Happy Halloween to all. Please save your costumes for trick or treating UNLESS you are in kindergarten. They are allowed to wear costumes for a special event. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

10-19-12 PE Star Student of the Week!

This week’s star student is always doing his best.  He is a true friend and is always working hard at everything he does.  He is an honor to have as a student here at our school.  I am so proud of his leadership ability and the way he handles all situations.  Great job Dawson D. and keep up the great work!

Character Counts Suggestions

Character Counts in Your Child Mini-Series

There has been a lot of talk recently about bullying.  Although bullying is very real and difficult for many children, teaching your child to stand up for themselves or speak up for themselves is an important skill when faced with bullying or even everyday situations in which they may just not agree with the other person.
Here are some ways to help your child develop the tools necessary to stand up in a situation.  Itmay not be easy for your child, but these may be good places to start.

1.  Giving Words – Many children don’t know the words to use when they disagree or want out of a situation.  Watch a movie or TV show together (or read a book!) and talk about how the characters handled the situation and words used.  Then talk about other options together.
2.  Catch It Early – Expect your child to have trouble standing up for themselves.  Children aren’t always ready and able at the age of 3 to know how to handle situations.  Talk with them about how to say no, walk away, use words, and explain their needs to adults.  Children need to know how to talk to adults when they are uncomfortable with a situation as much as they need to talk to peers.
3.  Provide an Example – Give an example of when you successfully (or unsuccessfully) did not stand up for yourself as a child.  Talk about your emotions and reactions to what happened and that you know it can be difficult or frustrating.  Show real time examples of you standing up for yourself. 
4.  Give Child Decisions – When children never have the opportunity to make decisions in situations, they often continue a helpless pattern as teens and adults.  By asking your child to decide about simple things like clothes to wear, the order to do chores, and how to spend their money on vacation, you give them the ability and practice to make decisions and explaining why.  By explaining why to adults, they often have to give words and reasoning that will be helpful later in life when they talk with college professors and colleagues.
5.  Discourage Peer Worship – Most parents know what happened to Britney Spears and as sad as her story was, it can be even more important to think about what happened to Britney’s young fans along the way.  It’s great to watch young children enjoy shows and friends, but when you see children doing it “only because Miley Cyrus is doing it,” you may have some issues.  Teach your children that they are just people, too, and talk about the decisions you see the peer or pop star make.
6.  Teach them to Advocate – Ever since I was young, I was taught that I needed to stand up for myself.  I remember in the 6thgrade, I went to the principal because I did not want to attend a special class because I fundamentally disagreed with it.  If my 3-year-old wants a cookie at the bakery at the local store, he needs to ask.  If he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t get a cookie.  Teach them early how to advocate with others and you have just taught a skill for life. 
7.  Give Them an Out – In my family, one rule about going to friend’s houses was known by all of us.  If you ever were uncomfortable or didn’t like what was happening at the house, just call home and we would be picked up.  Sometimes situations are too overwhelming or challenging for young children and teens and they need to know they have a safe place to fall.  Teach them the lines, “We don’t do that at our house” or “My mom won’t let me” so your children know they have an out if nothing works.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prepare for Trick or Treating...

Monday through Wednesday, Oct. 29th-31st, Glow necklaces will be on sale ($1) and bracelets (.50) at the school store. Safety first AND Happy Halloween!!

p.s. All profits will go into PTO fund for school and student projects. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

November Lunch Menu Posted

               What's cooking at R. L. Young?
Check out the November lunch menu by following these steps:
*look under PAGES on the left side of the blog.
**Look for Lunch Menus.
***November will appear at the top.

Teaming Up Against Drugs: Day 5

Whether it is War Eagle, Roll Tide, Go, Lakers!, Go R. L. Young or Go, THS Tigers, the message is clear:  "Team Up Against Drugs!"  Just ask these second graders, "Who's team are you on?"  I'm sure that J. J., Aniya, Gracyn, Brooke, Mrs. Armstrong, Ty, Isaac, Alivia, Gavin and Sa'Niyah will proudly tell you, "I'm on the Drug-Free Team!"  We have signed a drug-free pledge, kicked drugs to the curb, blacked out drugs, worn red to always be "red"-dy to say "NO" to drugs, had sweet dreams in our p.j.'s, and worn our team shirts/clothes.  Mrs. Armstrong cannot wait to see how successful these students are years from now!  Good group of kids and parents/grandparents + awesome school/teachers = successful adults.  R. L. Young TRULY is THE best place to learn and grow!

We Are All in this Together!

What happens when families and a school work together? Magic! Last night at the Fall Festival, there was magic in the air. Kids were having fun, parents were working to support the school's efforts to raise funds, and there was plenty for folks to do.

Thanks to all who supported this event last night. I always run into trouble when I start calling names, but I must recognize 4 ladies that have been planning for quite some time. In fact, two of these ladies could be spotted nearly every day at school. A GIANT thanks to Chris Cole, Fran Knight, Katrina Bates, and Renee Humphrey. These ladies were very organized and dedicated. The day of the event went smoothly and the night was filled with the magic of kids having fun and making memories. 

Of course, these ladies and our faculty are most appreciative of those who:
*sent items for the themed baskets
*donated cakes, cupcakes, prizes, or toys
*helped set up or clean up a game(s)
*signed up to work at a game
*sent an item(s) for silent auction
*allowed their child to come!

A big shout out is in order for the R. L. Young AMBASSADORS! They counted out tickets, helped with the games, carried stuff, and did a bang up job with any task thrown their way. They are such an awesome group of students!

There are many things for kids to do at the Fall Festival. A great attraction for adults is the Silent Auction. Kudos to PAULA SMITH who spearheaded this activity. There were many, many nice items to bid on, including all those themed baskets. The teachers had to quickly decide on a theme and get the word to parents that we wanted to give this idea a try. Thanks for the support of this project. Many sent basket items, containers were donated by teachers and others, and the children were so proud of the finished product. Bows were donated by a local business (thank you!!!). I appreciate the teamwork displayed by the teachers for taking on this task. It was a true success!

Thanks, Mrs. Gurley and workers for opening up the lunchroom, running the food line, and helping to clean up afterward. Our Lunch Bunch is great! 

Mrs. Diane and Mr. Jemison should receive a GIGANTIC medal for everything that happened on campus prior to the event. You were instrumental in getting things ready and Mrs. Diane even came back last night to help some more! THANK YOU BOTH...

My staff and I are very grateful for the support we receive each day. The reason our school is so successful is we have a common whatever it takes to help kids be all that they can be. Thanks for the part YOU played not only last night, but every day!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shut the Front Door on Drug-Free Day Number Four: We Are Living Our Dreams to Live Drug-Free!

We had 100% participation today from our class for "Sweet Dreams Day" to pass on the message of dreams coming true when you live Drug-Free!  Way to go second graders!  Thanks to Mrs. Davis, Gavin's grandmother, for taking our photo!  She donated 9 of the bows for our themed baskets for the Silent Auction for tonight's Fall Festival!  What a great bunch of kids and parents!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So, here's a sneak peek-
Proceed with caution-
These baskets can be yours
If the money is right
At the Fall Festival Silent Auction!
The first one here is called "Family Movie Night."
The next one is for "Halloween" and will give you a fright!
The third one pictured will leave you itchin'
To spend some time with "It's All In The Kitchen!"
The fourth one pictured will catch your eyes
And leave you with a basket of "School Supplies."
Got a man who's the love of your life?
Get him the "Tool Man Basket" and be a good wife!
Got the blues?  How about a flower?
This "Basket Full of Sunshine" is the basket of the hour!
Santa's sleigh is all packed up and ready to go
With a "Merry, Merry Christmas" theme, I know!
This last picture is sure to make you burst with pride
When your bid wins you the basket filled with "Crimson and Roll Tide!"
So head on out to R. L. Young
And we'll show you how a Fall Fest is done.
With games and prizes and food galore
We'll be more than happy to welcome you at the door!
Hurry, now, and don't be late-
The festival starts at 5 and ends at 8!
(October 25, that is!)

We're "Red"-dy To Be Drug-Free On Day Number Three!

Again, we had 100% of the students in attendance to wear their red clothes to make this statement:  "I'm 'Red'-dy to Be A Drug-Free Me!"  In this picture you see the following students: 
J. J., Aniya, Jessaiah, Brooke, Ty, Sa'Niyah, Noah, Trenton, Gracyn, Cole, Gavin, Alivia, Isaac, and Jaxon.  Mrs. Armstrong wore her red shirt, too, but somebody had to take the picture!  Way to go, 2nd graders!  We are proud of the message you are helping to spread to others!

National School Lunch Week...a Success!

October 24, 2012

Dear R. L. Young Parents and Guests,

We had a great National School Lunch Week! I want to thank everyone who came to visit last week. We have great support from our parents. The children love it when someone comes to eat lunch with them.

Thank you again and remember you don't have to wait for a special occasion to eat with your child!


R. L. Young Lunchroom Manager, Joyce Gurley
and the Lunch Bunch Crew

comments from surveys...
The staff was great and they always are.

Great service, great food, great staff, and great school!

Very nice, enjoyed.

It was great!

I enjoyed lunch, staff was very nice.

Food was very nice.

Thank you all so much. It was wonderful.

Thank you, it was great!

Love eating lunch here with Tony.

Everything was great. A plastic knife for adults would have been nice!

FALL FESTIVAL Tomorrow...Oct. 25th 5 to 8 p.m.

See you there!

2010 R. L. Young Fall Festival...REVISITED!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2nd Graders "Black Out Drugs!"

Red Ribbon Week is in full swing here at R. L. Young!  We had 100% participation in today's theme, "Black Out Drugs Day."  In this picture, (L-R) is Brooke, Aniya, J. J., Jesaiah, Trenton, Gracyn, Ty, Mrs. Armstrong, Noah, Isaac, Alivia, Gavin, Cole, Jaxon and Sa'Niyah.  Good job, 2nd graders!  Those nasty drugs don't stand a chance against us!

Fall Festival...Memories From the Past!

Come Join the FUN on Oct. 25 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stomp Out Drugs Day: 2nd Grade Style!

We were asked by our counselor, Mrs. Deese, to wear mis-matched shoes to kick-off our Red Ribbon Week.  Mrs. Armstrong and a few of her students decided to participate.  The feet of Isaac, Noah, Alivia, J. J., and Gracyn will, together, "Stomp Out Drugs!"

Below are some journal examples from today's topic:  Respect Yourself:  Don't Do Drugs!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

PROGRESS REPORTS Were Given on October 19th! Did you see it?

If your child's report is not satisfactory, consider the following items:
*Is your child frequently tardy?
*Does your child complete homework?
*Do you help your child prepare for tests?
*Does your child know school is important to you, too?
*Does your child bring the necessary supplies to class?
*Do you visit the school for an occasional lunch date or to speak to the teacher?
*Is your child frequently absent from school, but could have probably attended? 

The problem may not be his/her ability to learn, but obstacles that can be easily removed. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frankie Moves Up to the UGA this Week!

Frankie the monster (and the AR Highest Comprehension % Trophy) has been promoted to the UGA and the sixth grade classroom. Congrats to Mrs. French and all of her awesome readers!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

10-12-12 PE Star Student of the Week!

This week’s star student is an excellent student.  He is a hard worker who tries his best.  He is always leading by example. He is always demonstrating to others his true character. He is the type of student you can trust and depend on to always do the right thing even if no one is watching.  I am very pleased to see this young boy growing up and becoming a true leader to everyone around him.  Great job Logan H. and keep up the great work!

Costume Contest 2011 Fun Memories...

Thanks to all who participated in the Fall Festival Costume Contest. 
You looked wonderful!
***Thanks, Mrs. Nelson for sharing your pictures.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BookPig...Help Your Child Find the Best Book

Ever wish you could find that just right book to WOW the reluctant reader? Check out this site. I am not promoting that you rent books, just that it is a great place to search for good book titles by grade or even for a boy or girl. You can also search our library listings for the books on the school's blog. Look on the left side and click on SCHOOL LIBRARY Program. 

Happy Book Searching.......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Davidson's Dynamic Readers Claimed Back the Trophy!

Geez...the week is almost over and I forgot to let you know that Mrs. Davidson's 2nd graders won the Highest Comprehension AR trophy for last week and the MONSTER! Excellent job!