Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The NED Show...Powerful Message

R. L. Young students were an attentive audience for Mr. Steve, the presenter of the NED Show. The mission of the program is to encourage and inspire students everywhere. They believe there is a champion in every kid.The NED Show promotes academic achievement and character development by teaching three critical skills that will benefit kids for a lifetime: Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best.

Thanks for allowing your child to participate in this program.

School Store Up and Running

Students at Young are happy to see that the School Store is up and running for a new school year. The only differences are new Ambassador faces taking charge and grade levels are now assigned specific days they may visit.
The schedule is as follows:
Monday: K and 1st
Tuesday: 2nd
Wednesday: 3rd
Thursday: 4th
Friday: 5th and 6th
We appreciate the Ambassadors helping with this project along with other tasks to make the school a better place to learn and grow!

August Good Citizens

Friday was a great day at R. L. Young, especially during lunchtime. The August Good Citizens were treated to special seating, table decorations, treats, certificates, and the company of Mrs. Deese (school counselor) and Mrs. Thomas (principal). It was easy to see why these students were selected by teachers and in some classes by their peers. We appreciate the good behavior exhibited by the selected students. You make Young a good place to learn and grow!

Kindergarten: Blaire, Aulbri, Kalyn

First Grade: Daniel, Scotlynn

Second: Julie Ann, Shayla

Third: KeShawn, Carl, Cohen

Fourth: Caitlin, Miranda

Fifth: Katelyn, Jordan

Sixth: Kaitlyn, Haley

The selection for September Good Citizens starts Tuesday!

Biggest Cabbage Winner!

Bonnie’s 3rd Grade Cabbage Program distributes free cabbage plants to third-grade classrooms whose teachers sign up to participate. Students care for their plants at home and bring in a picture to the teacher to be considered as a winner. The winner from each state receives a $1,000 scholarship.

Last spring, one of our 3rd grade participants, Savannah Dunaway, was selected as a school winner. According to Savannah, her cabbage almost died and then grew back with 9 heads.
Congratulations, Savannah!

Physical Education...More Than Just Exercise

Coach Stephens, P.E. teacher for Raymond L.Young is introducing all students to the human skeleton one bone at a time.

When Calvin Allen (pictured above) was asked about "Bone of the Week", he shared the weekly procedure. "Coach tells us the bone of the week and he gives us a piece of paper with the name of it. That night we research about it and read it to our class. Coach collects the facts."

This activity includes reading, listening, research, application to real life, and many other skills. What a creative idea!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Governor Riley Announces Free Online Tutoring Service Available to All Alabamians

Please read this important information below!

Alabamians regardless of age are able to benefit from free tutoring services by logging on to, Governor Bob Riley announced Monday during a visit to a public library in Montgomery. The tutoring sessions had been available to students in the fourth through 12 grades since the Internet program was launched statewide in 2005.

With more than 200,000 online tutoring sessions since then and an overwhelmingly positive response to the service, it is being expanded so “students from five to 95 can connect to a tutor for free one-to-one help,” said Governor Riley. Expert tutors are available to offer assistance from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday in subjects ranging from English to Math, Science and Social Studies. Alabamians can connect to a tutor for live help through any computer with Internet access, including computers at their local public library or at home.

“With today’s technology, we can literally transcend the walls of the traditional classroom,” said Governor Riley. “But our commitment to providing children with the tools to learn must not stop when the school day ends. Technology offers innovative ways to improve student achievement and give our children the one-on-one help they need after school.”The Governor noted that more children are being introduced to the computer at earlier ages than ever before.

“Parents who bring their young children to these live online tutoring sessions will provide them with a new and safe learning resource. It will also help increase a young child’s ability to work with computers, and in today’s world the value of that experience is extraordinary,” said Governor Riley. “We also have many adults who can benefit from a tutor, whether they’re working toward their GED, taking an adult education class or seeking grammar help with their resume or a work-related project.”

Since began in 2005, students have logged on for free tutoring sessions more than 204,000 times. If parents had paid a tutor for those sessions at the average national rate of $35 per session, the cost would have been more than $7 million. The service uses to select and train the tutors, who are current and retired teachers, graduate students and college professors. Every tutor must pass a security check. In addition, before they are hired, prospective tutors submit resumes and teaching samples that show how they would help a child solve particular problems, complete technology training, participate in mock sample sessions, undergo a 30-day probation period and work with a mentor.

Every tutoring session is recorded and monitored, tutors are trained to prevent such problems and tutors are forbidden from completing homework for students. “Homework Alabama is obviously a great service for students, but it’s great for parents, too. There are many parents out there who can’t always be available to help their children with homework. Sometimes even if they are available, they don’t know enough about the subject,” said Governor Riley. “It’s so easy, even a parent can use it.”

For more information, contact the Governor’s Press Office at 334-242-7150.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School with Food Allergies Means Depending on Your PALS

For the 2.2 million school-age children who have food allergies and their parents, back to school means educating classmates and parents before the school year even begins.

Be a PAL: Protect A Life (TM) From Food Allergies consists of five easy steps:

1. Food allergies are serious. Don't make jokes about them.

2. Don't share food with friends who have food allergies.

3. Wash your hands after eating.

4. Ask what your friends are allergic to and help them avoid it.

5. If a friend who has food allergies becomes ill, get help immediately.

For more information on food allergies or to access the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network's back-to-school toolkit, please visit

Thanks to Nurse Joan Ludwig for sharing this information!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking For Top Dogs!

Raymond L. Young faculty and staff want all smiling faces to be present each day unless a child is sick. Often as a teacher or parent, it is difficult to determine if a child is sick enough to go home. My rule of thumb for my own children and former students was this: If the child had fever or was throwing up they checked out. Teachers encourage the students to stay if at all possible. Students can make up the work, but without the instruction piece, important skills will be missing.
The principal's TOP DOG Club was developed to motivate children to stay in school. Every six weeks, students with No Tardies, No Checkouts, No Absences are rewarded in a special way. This year TOP DOGS will be photographed for a bulletin board and receive a token for the TREASURE TOWER!

Thanks to the PTO for helping sponsor this exciting new reward system at YOUNG!
See you at school!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You, Mr. Jemison!

Mr. Willie Jemison has served at R. L. Young for many years. He is famous for his beautiful Christmas decorations that help children and staff get excited about the holidays.
This summer I witnessed the incredible amount of work that had to be done to prepare for a new school year. Floors were stripped and waxed, carpets cleaned and recleaned, furniture moved out and back in.... and the list just went on and on.
To show our appreciation, Mr. J was surprised with a "Thank You" cake during the first week of school.
We appreciate your help and concern for our buildings!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008-09 P. T. O. Meetings

Raymond L. Young has always been blessed to have very supportive
P. T. O. officers and members. This tradition of parents and teachers working together helps make Young a good place to learn and grow.

This year students will be taking an active role in making the P.T.O. meetings even better. The schedule below contains dates for the monthly meetings and the grade levels responsible for the programs. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Sept. 16th 3rd grade
Oct. 14th 4th grade
Nov. 13th 5th grade
Dec. 9th 6th grade
Feb. 10th K
Mar. 10th 1st grade
April 14th 2nd grade
May 12th Last meeting
Meetings will begin at 6:00 pm. I hope to see you there!

Meet and Greet a Success!

Raymond. L. Young's "Meet and Greet" on August 5 was a huge success with over 300 parents in attendance. Parents had an opportunity to bring supplies or make supply donations, pay their child's lunch money, and purchase a school shirt. Students had an a chance to look around their classroom, meet their new teacher, and see old friends.

Many schools across the state choose to wait until school has been in session for a couple of weeks before inviting parents to the school. My teachers and I believe by having a pre-visit, students enter on the first day more relaxed and ready to learn. Everyone wins!

Thanks for coming!