Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R. L. Young Artists Win at District Level

Kevin W. and Gabe E.'s artwork was selected to represent Talladega City Schools in the State Superintendent's Art Contest in Montgomery in 2009. These 3rd graders have participated in weekly art lessons through a program purchased with a School Foundation grant awarded to their teacher, Mrs. Linda Haynes.

It is amazing what creative teachers will do to provide students with special opportunities. Mrs. Haynes, a 2008 grant recipient has transformed her third graders into true artists.

Pastels are used to create unique masterpieces.
There are very few absences on one wants to miss art!

R. L. Young is lucky to have faculty members who will go the extra mile to provide special opportunities for our students. We are also appreciative of our School Foundation who continues to support the efforts of educators in the Talladega City School District. THANKS!

R. L. Young's Finest...DECEMBER Good Citizens

Kindergarten: Ethan N., Breanna R., Noah W. (not pictured)

First Grade: Cody S., and Madison B.

Second Grade: Kaley B. pictured with Mrs. Deese, School Counselor
Aja A. (not pictured)

Third Grade: Riley K., Amber T., and Josh P.

Fourth Grade: JR. A., and Megan R.
Fifth Grade: Dakota W. and Kelsey G.
Sixth Grade: Alyssa K. and Erin B.

It is always such a pleasure to dine with our Good Citizens. They make our school a better place to learn and grow!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Memories at Raymond L.Young

Many folks say that Christmas is a special time of year at R. L. Young. As I pondered this statement, I am reminded that the traditions we celebrate as a school makes it true. The focus of the season is about celebrating relationships, letting students know they are all special to us, and finding ways to make the world a better place.

One cannot help but "catch" the holiday spirit from the decorations hung by Mr. Jemison, Mrs. Diane, and our lunchbunch. If their efforts don't get to you, the student-made ornaments that quickly appear on the trees will warm your heart.
Our lunchroom staff known as the "Lunchbunch" never misses an opportunity to fill our stomaches with yummy food and put smiles on our faces.
The regular curriculum is followed along with fun extra activities. Students this year focused more on giving to others than receiving gifts for themselves, which is portrayed in these first grade writings. The 1st ever Toy Drive led by 5th and 6th grade was a huge success. We were all excited to load up two vehicles with toys headed toward First Family Services.

Creating a gingerbread house gave first graders hands-on experience with symmetry, creativity, following directions, and having fun. The patience of Mrs. Bittle, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Porter, and a handful of dedicated parents made this project possible. The creations were detailed and beautiful.

The R. L. Young Christmas season was filled with holiday music during the 6th grade program and at our annual Sing-A-Long. All faculty, staff, and students were invited to participate. This year first grader, Carolyn H. sang a solo as Dr. Buck from Central Office played the flute. This performance was heartwarming. Superintendent, Dr. Joanne Horton and Mr. Campbell, Assistant Superintendent joined in the fun.

Sixth graders rapped "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and kindergarteners led the singing of Feliz Navidad. The kindergarten classes, after completing a Christmas Around the World unit of study, traveled to a local mexican restaurant (Margarita's) to have their party. This creative way of teaching will stay in the minds and hearts of our kinders forever.

Before leaving, these sharp 5 and 6 year olds wished all of the employees a "Merry Christmas" by singing Feliz Navidad!
The Talladega Police Department surprised students with a visit from Santa and McGruff the Crime Dog. Thanks for your support throughout the year.

Being surrounded by children at the holiday season reminds us what is important not only at Christmas, but all during the year...

spending time with those we care about, letting people know how important they are to us, and remembering to make the world a better place to live.

R. L. Young is looking forward to a brand new year and many more celebrations!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Make a Difference In Your Public Schools

Ask for a Helping Schools Tag when you renew your tag next year.
One of the greatest crises facing our state is the continued lack of funding for our public schools.There is an easy way to provide additional funding for public schools—buy a Helping Schools Tag for your vehicle.
It's easy, it's inexpensive and it will help to improve conditions in our public schools. When you renew your automobile tags this year, just ask your license commissioner for a Helping Schools Tag.

It's only an additional $15—and it's tax deductible.

Nearly 75% of the purchase price goes directly to Alabama's public schools. Show your support for public education by putting a Helping Schools Tag on each of your vehicles.

It's only $15; Can that Really Make a Difference?
Unlike other specialty automobile tags that can cost an additional $50 or more, the Helping Schools Tags are only $15. The price is intentionally low to allow everyone a chance to make a difference in our local schools.
The fact is, Helping Schools Tags do make a difference.

Statewide, Helping Schools Tags now generate about $500,000 a year for public schools. This money goes for miscellaneous supplies, freeing up money for hiring new teachers or making capital improvements to our schools.
If only 15% of the driving population of Alabama purchased Helping Schools Tags for their vehicles, the program would generate more than $6 million in additional funding for public schools.

If 50% of vehicle owners purchased Helping Schools Tags, more than $20 million would be generated for local schools.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids Helping Kids

Raymond L. Young believes there is a lot of power in KIDS HELPING KIDS. Two programs started this year are our TUTOR TEAM and Student Reading Assistants. Both programs take place in the morning when children are waiting for the bell to ring.

Each TUTOR TEAM member has been assigned a child that they work with on letter recognition, sight words, and other skills to improve the performance in the classroom. We appreciate our upper grade students who are willling to help others. To qualify to serve as a tutor, students must have good conduct, work hard on their own studies, and be a good role model for others.
All tutors have their own canvas bag filled with supplies to use with their students. This program allows students to have their minds ready to learn because the process has already begun before they enter the classroom.
Reading Assistants lend their services to young readers in first grade who just need a listening ear, a bit of motivation, and help with unknown words.
Isaiah M. and Mya S. work on books and practice sounding out words during a session.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Delighting Audiences Monthly

In case you haven't heard, programs are back at Raymond L. Young. Each month before PTO meetings, students are delighting the audience with cute productions such as our Kindergarten's "Nursery Rhymes" and our Sixth Grade's "Night Before Christmas" show.

It is wonderful to see the smiling faces singing songs, having speaking parts, and gaining the experience of standing before a group. A dress rehearsal before the actual show allows the student body to see their classmates at their finest and relieves the stage fright.

We would like to invite you to the next PTO meeting scheduled February 10. Mark your calendar to come see our fifth graders' show!

Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. French pose with Santa created by student Peyton D. as a prop for the show.
Sixth graders clown around for the camera.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

November Good Citizen Luncheon

November Good Citizens:
Kindergarten..Ambry H, Emily T., Dylan L.
1st...Pierce C., Annabelle A.
2nd...Patrick R. Tyler C.
3rd...Haley G., Timothy J., Ashleigh D.
4th...Ryan I., Clay T.
5th...Chelsey B., Tristan S.
6th...Peyton D., Sam T.

These two first graders were selected but were sick when the luncheon occurred.

Great Company and Great Kids!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Working Hard to Reach Our Goals!

The Accelerated Reader at R. L. Young has been totally revamped. As displayed by this colorful bulletin board created by Julie Bailey, students are working independently to reach 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 points. At each stop students are rewarded IF they are passing at least 80% of the tests taken.

First grade students have 10, 25, and 50 point stops and 2nd grade goes to 75 points. At the end of the year all students reaching 100 points in 3rd-6th, 75 points in 2nd grade, and 50 points in 1st will accompany faculty and selected staff on a special field trip.

A total of twelve students at Raymond L. Young have been invited to a Pizza Party with the principal after earning 75 points on the Accelerated Reader Program. The first 5 students were
Janie S., Nicolas H., Kentavious T., Tabitha H., and Kaitlyn S.

Today's party people were Lance S., Zarria C., Ashleigh F., Al G., Montasia S., Deanna H., and Tyler M. Students also received a water bottle with "Reading Rocks!" Their laughter and conversation was enjoyed by the principal.

In conversation, these fine readers had the following suggestions for reaching AR goals:

1. Choose books you really like.

2. Choose answers carefully.

3. Think about the book as you read it.

4. Look back through and skim the chapters before you test.

5. Read in the car, in the bed, on the bus, or any place quiet.

6. Read chapter books and get "hooked" in a series.

Young wishes to thank Custom Pizza and Dominoes for their generous donation of yummy pizza!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Students at R. L. Young have a generous nature as portrayed by the 277 toys brought in during the last two weeks for needy children in Talladega County. Raymond L. Young's first annual toy drive was sponsored by our 5th and 6th grade students and teachers. All faculty, staff, and students were invited to participate. No incentives were offered to the children, just an opportunity to think of others.

A fifth teacher, who used the event as a topic for creative writing, shared these students' thoughts...

Christmas is also a time of the year to give to everyone who doesn't have as much as we do. When I was little I made different things and sold them and gave the money to the needy. At school right now we are doing a toy drive. I think it is the best thing we have ever done. I am happy the school is doing this.

Giving is one of the most important parts of Christmas to me. I like giving to people that don't have as much as me and to see the smile on their faces is thanks enough.

Giving is another thing I enjoy doing. I don't like seeing people doing without. I like seeing the bright expressions on their face when they get something. I Iove seeing them happy. That makes me happy.

When you give a present to someone who deserves one, you should feel exhilarated!

When children learn at a young age to think of others, they become givers as adults and make the world a better place. Thanks to all of the parents who supported their child's participation.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

AEW...A Week to Remember

R. L. Young had a fun-filled, busy American Education Week during the month of November. The activities included an essay contest, Grandparent Breakfast, Retired Employees Luncheon, and the Celebration 08.

The Essay Contest Winners were as follows: Kaitlynn S., Sam M., Sam T., and Dajour E. The judges had a difficult time deciding among all of our talented writers. All essays were shared during the program planned especially for the grandparents.

Our school was pleased to treat many of our faculty and staff members to lunch, including Susan Ray, Pauline Limbaugh, LouAnne Allen, Amanda Calhoun, and Diane Hobbs. We felt it was fitting to have them eat in the HARDWORK CAFE since they had served at Young for many years. Memories were shared and they also toured the school to see the many changes. We hope more employees will be able to attend next year!

Grandparents hold a special place in of the hearts of R. L. Young students, faculty, and staff. the school was delighted to sponsor a breakfast in their honor. We served around 120 guests and enjoyed their company. Our lunchroom staff cooked up a wonderful meal while the Ambassadors and PTO President Alicia Holbrook helped our guests. After breakfast, Grandparents received the royal tour of the school and watched a program performed by our talented 4th graders, under the leadership of Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Bailey.

The Celebration 08 was a new event at Young. It allowed us an opportunity to reward and recognize hard work during the state testing which occurs each spring. The test results along with attendance determines if a school makes Adequate Yearly Progress. We wanted to let the students know how much we appreciated their hard work. Students that improved at least 5 percentile points from last year OR those who scored at 80% percent or higher were treated to an ice cream sundae. They selected their own toppings and enjoyed talking to their friends.

On hand to help with the celebration was Mr. Jemison, Mrs. Nunn, and Mrs. Foster. Mrs. Deese, counselor at Young met with all 4th -6 th graders prior to the Celebration to discuss their test results, help them discover their strengths and weaknesses, and decide on a game plan for next spring's testing. We are proud of their hard work and effort. Thanks to our PTO for picking up the tab for this event.

Mrs. Foster helps serve up the treats!

A quality education is a top priority at R. L. Young and we appreciate the opportunity to serve your children!