Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zoozingo Program a Success!

My review of the Zoozingo Program can be read here...
Love this program and the attendance of students at R. L. Young! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Congrats to R. L. Young 2014 Archery Team...PROUD of YOU!!

Invitations To NASP State Competition
Elementary School Teams
Saraland Elementary (Elementary School)Carmon Nitteberg30421st in Division at Regional
Gilliard Elementary (Elementary School)Faye Hussong3023 
St. Lukes Episcopal (Elementary School)Macy McKay2951 
Arab Elementary (Elementary School)Andrew Kelley28591st in Division at Regional
Legacy Elementary (Elementary School)Bobby Cheyne27831st in Division at Regional
New Market (Elementary School)Wendi Moring2775 
Salter Elementary (Elementary School)Mark Darby27351st in Division at Regional
East Elementary (Elementary School)Branch Whitlock2717 
Riverton Intermediate (Elementary School)Matt Caneer2704 
Foley Elementary (Elementary School)Rusty Hinson26621st in Division at Regional
Huntington Place Elementary (Elementary School)Anita Davis26271st in Division at Regional
Troy Elementary (Elementary School)FORREST LEE26011st in Division at Regional
Cordova Elementary (Elementary School)Diana Bickelhaupt2592 
Forest Hill Elementary (Elementary School)Christy Joyce2584 
R. L. Young Elementary (Elementary School)Chris Stephens2570 
Robertsdale Elementary (Elementary School)Sam Leffard2550 
 Middle School Teams
Foley Middle (Middle School)Shea Hinson32851st in Division at Regional
Buckhorn Middle (Middle School)Melanie Coultas32631st in Division at Regional
Saraland Middle (Middle School)Carmon Nitteberg3178 
Arab Junior High (Middle School)Andrew Kelley31771st in Division at Regional
Ashville Middle (Middle School)Kirbey Wilson31711st in Division at Regional
Grand Bay Middle (Middle School)Dustin Miller3122 
Moody Junior High (Middle School)Jason Birchfield3120 
West Point Middle (Middle School)Regina Jones3081 
Leeds Middle (Middle School)Matthew Tolbert30681st in Division at Regional
St. Lukes Episcopal (Middle School)Macy McKay3059 
Clanton (Middle School)Kelly Gaston3054 
Prattville Junior High (Middle School)Jeff Stockman30491st in Division at Regional
Zora-Ellis Middle (Middle School)Bradley Ward3017 
Cotaco Junior High School (Middle School)Leigh Anna Childers3016 
Alba Middle (Middle School)Tera Walters2996 
Curry Middle (Middle School)Regina Willoughby2996 
North Mobile Christian (Middle School)Ginny Drach2983 
Montevallo Middle (Middle School)Sheila Jett2964 
Fayetteville High (Middle School)John Limbaugh2947 
Fairhope Middle (Middle School)John Hardman2945 
Charles Henderson Middle (Middle School)FORREST LEE29181st in Division at Regional
 High School Teams
Alma Bryant High (High School)Roy Richardson34271st in Division at Regional
Pell City High (High School)James A. Bryant Sr.33761st in Division at Regional
Buckhorn High (High School)Melanie Coultas33531st in Division at Regional
Ashville High (High School)Jeff Hardy3308 
Saraland High (High School)Robert (Jake) Bush3259 
Susan Moore High (High School)Cristy Cowan32541st in Division at Regional
Jemison High (High School)Robin Gray3229 
Good Hope High (High School)Rosemary Brown3194 
Montevallo High (High School)Phillip Carter31701st in Division at Regional
Lawrence County High (High School)Shelia Childress3155 
Moody High (High School)Jason Birchfield3154 
Madison County Tech Center (High School)Tom Hardy3147 
Chilton County High (High School)Kelly Gaston3145 
Foley High (High School)Shea Hinson30661st in Division at Regional
Charles Henderson High (High School)FORREST LEE28601st in Division at Regional
 Individual Shooters
SortIDStudent NameGenderSchoolInstructorGradeScore
1Darby, TaylorFMunford ElementaryNoel Stephens4233
2Ciccarelli, BrunoMHighlands Elementary SchoolGreg Thompson4222
3Warlick, LaurenFMunford ElementaryNoel Stephens5240
4Thompson, LaurenFHighlands Elementary SchoolGreg Thompson5237
5Kop, JessicaFSumiton Elementary / MiddleMisty Langston5224
6Tandy, GabeMNew Hope ElementaryJamie Selvage5252
7Earp, ConnorMGood Hope HighRosemary Brown5247
8Villanova, LouisMFairhope IntermediateRyan Hymel5247
9Dawkins, HunterMOakman MiddleJenny Sandlin5244
10Stewart, CadenMSumiton Elementary / MiddleMisty Langston5243
11Laney, ConnorMEast ElementaryBranch Whitlock6273
12Busby, GrantMOakman MiddleJenny Sandlin6266
13Carpenter, KaylaFHouston AcademyJody Ryan7255
14Byram, AustinMNew Hope MiddleJamie Selvage7292
15Alldredge, HeathMMunford MiddleJennifer Darby7270
16Smith, GracieFSumiton Elementary / MiddleMisty Langston8261
17Sullivan, ClaireFHouston AcademyJody Ryan8248
18Bunn, LondynFDale County Christian SchoolDale County Christian School8245
19Selvage, CaseyMNew Hope HighJamie Selvage9289
20McAullife, HannahFFairhope MiddleScott Berry11246
21Corson, JosiahMFirst Assembly ChristianBradley Strother11269
22Schisler, StephanieFDale County Christian SchoolDale County Christian School12242
  Alternate TeamsAlternates will be asked to attend as space is available, so please hold the date!
Team NameInstructorTeam Score
Government Street Christian (Middle School)Leah Perez2920
Sumiton Elementary / Middle (Middle School)Misty Langston2900
Albertville High (High School)Gary Aycock3143
St. Lukes Episcopal (High School)Macy McKay3127
Asbury High (High School)Casey Smith3086
West Point High (High School)Renee Willingham3058
Fairview High (High School)Hobson Hite3050
Fayetteville High (High School)John Limbaugh3038
Baker High (High School)Kenneth Brown3006
Leeds High School (High School)Matthew Tolbert2918

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Good Citizens 2014

                Kindergarteners: Wesley H. and Brady H.   First Graders: Emma W. and Payton H.

                  Second graders: Audrey A. and Jaia J.  Third Graders: J.J. H. and Kaleigh R.

                                      Fourth grader: Samuel W. and Sixth Grader: Laine M.
 Fifth Graders: Alyssa L. and Malorie B.
Fourth Grader: Kaitlyn S.
Sixth Grader: Tori P.

You make our school 

a great place to learn and grow!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

2-28-14 PE Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student has improved so much this year.  He has become an awesome student. He follows directions the first time they are given.  He is a hard worker and tries to do his best at everything he does.  Great job Larry B. for being this week’s brightest star!

2-21-14 PE Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student did a great job of showing an act of kindness.  He was very helpful to another student who dropped her cupcakes in the lunchroom.  Without anyone asking, he stopped what he was doing and began to help.  What a great way to use integrity.  Keep up the great work Laquez W.!

2-7-14 PE Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student always has a big smile on his face.  He is a very hard worker and he tries to do his best at everything he does.  He does a great job at demonstrating integrity.  You can depend on him to do the right thing in every situation.  Great job Ron S. for being this week’s brightest star!  Keep up the great work!

1-24-14 PE Star Student of the Week

This week’s star student is truly a bright shining star.  She uses integrity every day.  She works extremely hard to be the best student possible.  She is very dependable and honest.  She always has a great attitude and she is kind to everyone.  This week’s star student is known by her classmates as a true friend.  Great job Lauryn J. and keep up the great work!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

R. L. Young February 2014 Good Citizens

These students make R. L. Young an even BETTER place to learn and grow!
Kindergarten:Caleb B. and Highland G.
First Grade: Mazhia M. and Emma B.
Second Grade: Kaitlyn S. and Alix G.
Third Grade: Alivia F. and Isaac W.
Fifth Grade: Kaden B. and Jacob S.
Sixth Grade: Lucas P.
Fourth Grade: Ansley T. (absent) and Sara T.
Sixth Grade: Hannah J.

Thanks, Ms. Deese for preparing for the luncheon each month. We appreciate you!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sarrell Dental Visits R. L. Young

Kindergarteners and first graders were excited about Sarrell Dental coming to share some important information about keeping those teeth healthy and clean. Each child AND even the principal got the bag full of goodies pictured below. Thank you, Sarrell Dental for supporting our school and children! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Accelerated Reader and R. L. Young Elementary

Raymond L. Young teachers and principal believe that children learn to read by READING. But not just any book, it must be a book on the child's current reading level. This is why we recommend and support AR. The picture above features Mrs. Rhonda Nunn, reading coach for the school and Gracyn S., a third grader in Mrs. Payne's class. She has earned her 150 points and maintained an 85% average in comprehension.

The prize Gracyn is receiving is a Coke float, complete with a cool straw, and tall keepsake glass. BUT this is not all. Any faculty member present at the time gathers around to sing a chant praising her for reading! As you can see from the onlookers expressions, this is super cool! We are proud of our students and their reading abilities. And we will do almost anything to motivate even the most reluctant reader.

What can parents do if their child doesn't like or want to read? Help them find the right book. Kids are naturally curious and what better place to find information than in a book! Our library has thousands of books. Encourage your child to bring home their book, visit the public library, or take a look in the book fair at R. L. Young this week. 

Pull your precious child close and enjoy a great read...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

R. L. Young Kinders Help the Community

Proud of Talladega

project Pandle from TrainingWheel on Vimeo.

This video showcases some really wonderful things about living in a small town, specifically Talladega. I was proud to see two former R. L. Younger graduates (LMO owner Lindsey Moses and THS Senior/former student of mine, Kacie Grissett) featured in the video. 

I love especially that in the city schools we have the opportunity to really get to know the children and families that are associated with our campuses. Large is not always better. The class sizes at Young and the other Talladega City Schools allow teachers to really get to know children and their families. We are fortunate to watch children from age 5 until 12 as they move through the grade levels. This is truly rewarding...

I have always believed that we have the power to MAKE what we want to see. But it is only through hard work, teamwork, and a willingness to see a vision through. 
Enjoy and pass it on...
Proud Employee of Talladega City Schools and blessed principal of R.L. Young.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss ! We love you at R. L. Young!

Happy Birthday to a talented man who continues to influence readers old and new still today! Grab one of his books, find a youngster, and curl up for a good time!
     To learn more about Dr. Seuss, click here!