Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Friday, September 30, 2016

National Custodian's Day
Thank You
Mrs. Mellon and Mr. Mike
We appreciate all that you do to help our school and our students!

Accelerated Reader Torch Bearer
September 23-29
Mrs. Payne's Class

Class Reader Leaders
September 23-29

Top 20 Accelerated Reader Leaders
September 23-29

September Good Citizens

Dauphin Sea Lab
Visits R. L. Young

A big thank you to Mrs. Stephanie Graves for being persistent in getting the Dauphin Sea Lab to visit Talladega City Schools!

Third Grade Music Program
R. L. Young third graders presented the music program "Hungry to Learn."  Students shared songs about school subjects, the learning process, and the importance of always striving to learn more throughout your life.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Lunch with Mrs. Liner's Class
A wonderful group of kindergarten students

Leadership Club Day
Music Makers

Water Experiments in Science Club

Younger Arts & Crafts

Basketball in Sports & Games

Jumping Rope in Sports & Games

Helping Hands

Dramatization in Performing Arts

Acting Skills in Performing Arts

Music Activities

Focal Points in Photography


Visual Arts

Exploring Apps in Technology

Planting with Helping Hands

Tie Dyeing Aprons in Arts & Crafts

Water Experiments with Mad Scientists

Mrs. Lamberth's Class showing off their Tiger Pride!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reading Torch Bearer
Highest Comprehension 
Sept. 16-22
Mrs. Harris' Class
Way to go Mrs. Harris' class!

Class Reader Leaders
Sept. 16-22
So proud of these class reader leaders!

Top 20 Highest Points for AR 
with 85% Comprehension
Sept. 16-22

Lunch with Mrs. Payne's Class
Enjoyed lunch with a special group of students

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reading Camp 2K16

Mrs. Harris' Class visited the library media center today to kick off Reading Camp 2K16. Students visited genre tents to learn about different subgenres in literature. They also created Reading Plans to guide their reading throughout the school year.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Torch

 Reading Torch Bearer for September 9th-15th:
Mrs. Burel's 3rd Grade Class

Highest  class comprehension average for September 9th-15th 

Reader Leaders

 Class Reader Leaders 
September 9th-15th

Highest Weekly Points 
with 85% or Higher Comprehension

Mrs. Davidson's Class: Kye B.
Ms. Glidewell's Class: Quindarius O.
Mrs. Burel's Class: Kelton S. 
Mrs. Payne's Class: Landon E.
Mrs. Freeman's Class: Braylan M.
Mrs. Wilson's Class: Cole E.
Mrs. Harris' Class: Alix G.
Mrs. Nelson's Class: Kaitlyn S.
Mrs. French's Class: Gracyn S. 

AR Top 20 Point Leaders

AR Top 20 Point Leaders 
with 85% or higher comprehension 

                                                                  1. Gracyn S.
                                                                  2. Alix G.
                                                                  3. Jackson B. 
                                                                  4. Aajah M.
                                                                  5. Kaitlyn S.
                                                                  6. Jaliyah C.
                                                                  7. Mariyah C.
                                                                  8. J.J. H.
                                                                  9. Trinitee S.
                                                                  10. Niobe V.
                                                                  11. Cadence A.
                                                                  12. Emi N.
                                                                  13. Kelton S.
                                                                  14. Kennedy C.
                                                                  15. Trenton H.
                                                                  16. Braylan M.
                                                                  17. Katelyn J. 
                                                                  18. Landon E.
                                                                  19. Addison S.
                                                                  20. Austin A. 

P.E. Star Student of the Week September 5th-9th

Takalyn R.
P.E. Star Student of the Week September 5th-9th
3rd Grade

This week’s Star Student is a young student who has an awesome work ethic. This Star always has a great attitude and never has any discipline problems. This Star is also the first person to help fellow classmates if they are not doing the right thing and gets them straightened out quick. Fantastic job
this week! Congratulations Takalyn!

P.E. Star Student of the Week August 29th-September 2nd

Warren D.
P.E. Star Student of the Week August 29th-September 2nd

This week's  Star Student is an individual who may be young, but is mature beyond his age. This student always does what they are told, never complains, and follows every direction given at P.E. I see a very bright future for this young star! Keep up the awesome work! Congratulations Warren!

Going on a Treasure Hunt

Gifted students went on a treasure hunt! Students had to design a map of the front of the school. Then using a compass rose, they had to write directions. Students then exchanged maps and had to follow the maps directions to find a secret treasure.

A "Minion" Reasons to Smile!

Hunter from Mrs. Liner's Kindergarten class was the lucky winner of a Minion Robot. Thank you to all that participated in our Reading for Education drive. This program helps our school purchase the essential tools our students need to succeed.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Pictures

Fall pictures will be taken tomorrow, September 16th.

Dot Day 2016

Students and teachers celebrated International Dot Day today, September 15th.  The purpose of Dot Day is to encourage students to harness their creativity and celebrate self expression.

The celebration started with "The Dot" song played over the intercom after Morning Announcements. Click on the link below to listen to the song:

Next, students and teachers visited the library media center where Mrs. Carroll read The Dot by Peter Reynolds.

After the read aloud, students painted dot pictures. Students then used iPads to scan their  pictures using the  Quiver App to create 3D Augmented Reality dots of their  pictures.

Early this week, 5th grade painted dot shirts that they wore to school  today.

You may listen to the book by clicking on the link below: