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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Read to Your Bunny

Reading aloud with your child opens the doors of true friendship. This gentle routine will soon become a pleasure for you both. Your small efforts of twenty minutes every day for a few early years will bear fruit for a lifetime.
Rosemary of "Read to Your Bunny"

I have to admit that among my favorite memories of my children growing up was snuggling with them and sharing a book before bed. Sure, there were many times I read the same book every night for a week. Later I discovered this is one of the first steps in learning to read.

As they got older, I read two books every night because one loved dinosaurs and the other was into "girly" things. That precious time was well spent because today they are both wonderful readers and enjoy books.
So Read to Your Bunny...and they will read to You!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Student Life Gives a Hand to R L Young

Summer at R. L. Young can be quite lonely since our students are busy having fun and resting their minds. But it is definitely the time to get some things done on campus. Although Mr. Jemison is mighty handy and works extremely hard in the summertime heat, everyone deserves a hand. Well, what about 44 extra hands?

St. James Methodist Church from Montgomery participated in the Student Life Camp at Shocco Springs. When most folks think of camp, they probably don't envision paint brushes, lugging junk to the dumpster, scraping tape off of boards, cleaning an attic, etc. These 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders came ready, willing, and able to make a huge difference at R. L. Young. Along with them, were 4 adult supervisors who worked as hard, or even harder than the students.

I was most impressed with their cheerful can-do attitudes and their willingness to complete difficult tasks. Of course, they walked away with a BOB Award (Bend Over Backwards), a CD of our Birthday Celebration, and big thanks from the principal.

Thank you St. James! You were wonderful..

For more information on Student Life click here. To visit St. James Methodist Church website click here.

Father's Day is June 21

The role of father or a father figure is so important as a child grows and develops. Raymond L. Young students are blessed to have such wonderful fathers. Thanks for all that you do to support our school and students. Here are a few dad pics...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kittens at R. L. Young

Children are always listening, watching, and learning from everyone around them. The R. L. Young faculty and staff is very aware of this. I am proud that the adults that work at Young are great examples for our students. Below is a story written by first grader Tori P. She was moved to write it after learning about Mr. Jemison’s basement discovery.

Mr. Jemison found three kittens in the basement. They were so cute. One was black, two were orange. Their momma was lost. Mr. Jemison put them in the office. Mrs. Thomas put them in a box with a blanket. They were playing with each other. They were little bitty. Their blanket was yellow.

Good job, Mr. Jemison!
Tori P.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

8 Kinds of SMART

Did you know there are 8 kinds of smart? I ran across this interesting information on an NCATE (National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education) visit in Oklahoma City. I was visiting a charter school and was amazed to see this cool concept of 8 smarts displayed throughout the school.

1. Linguistic…Word Smart
2. Logical…Mathematical Smart
3. Spatial….Picture Smart
4. Bodily Kinesthetic…Body Smart
5. Musical…Music Smart
6. Interpersonal…People Smart
7. Intrapersonal…Self Smart
8. Naturalist… Nature Smart.

Howard Gardner first identified and introduced to us seven different kinds of intelligence in Frames of Mind.
· Linguistic intelligence: a sensitivity to the meaning and order of words.
· Logical-mathematical intelligence: ability in mathematics and other complex logical systems.
· Musical intelligence: the ability to understand and create music. Musicians, composers and dancers show a heightened musical intelligence.
·Spatial intelligence: the ability to "think in pictures," to perceive the visual world accurately, and recreate (or alter) it in the mind or on paper. Spatial intelligence is highly developed in artists, architects, designers and sculptors.
·Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: the ability to use one's body in a skilled way, for self-expression or toward a goal. Mimes, dancers, basketball players, and actors are among those who display bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.
·Interpersonal intelligence: an ability to perceive and understand other individuals -- their moods, desires, and motivations. Political and religious leaders, skilled parents and teachers, and therapists use this intelligence.
·Intrapersonal intelligence: an understanding of one's own emotions. Some novelists and or counselors use their own experience to guide others.
Then, Gardner identified an eighth intelligence, the naturalist intelligence.

What a great message to kids that may not feel smart when they compare themselves to others. This explains how some children are athletic, some play musical instruments effortlessly, some are natural mathematicians, etc. Isn’t it wonderful that we can all be smart in some way?

More information can be found by researching Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner, 1993.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Memories from R. L. Young by Laterika Weed

R. L. Young Fight Song
When Tigers get together and red is all we see,
We’re on our way to reaching an awesome victory.
The path is laid before us,
Each step is carefully made,
Our friends are forever,
R. L. Young hurray, hurray!

The first time I heard the "Fight Song" I didn’t understand. I’m in 6th grade and I know now what it means. It means our friendships are forever through the years as we go to junior high, on to high school and finish school. Some might forget, some might remember that our friendships at R. L. Young are forever.

I will always want to come back and just walk the halls with my friends and think about the memories we had. I’ll never get tired of seeing the school, my friends, and my teachers I’ve had. I will carry my memories with me forever and my friendships will be forever.

Laterika Weed

R. L. Young welcomes all graduates to visit anytime!

106 Six Flags Tickets Earned!

106 Students at Raymond L. Young completed six hours of reading to earn a Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park ticket. The yearly program called Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club is a great way to motivate students and provide some FREE FUN.

R. L. Young is proud to offer this opportunity and applauds Reading Coach Rhonda Nunn for spearheading the project and classroom teachers for encouraging their students.

Since most of the reading and logging of books was done at home, parents deserve a pat on the back, too!

Parents, please note that tickets are valid from June 15 to August 9!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a bird - It's a plane - no - It's "SuperTeachers"

My Teacher is a Superhero!
My teacher is a superhero
She loves to read and write
But when someone calls for help
she knows just what is right.

She jumps up out of her chair
and asks “what is wrong?”
Then she finds where he is
and it never takes too long.

She finds a way to help him
and always does it fast
In the race to save him
Never is she last.

She picks you up
And helps you
Pretty soon you’ll feel like new!

Who knew-my teacher is a
superhero just like you!