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Friday, June 12, 2009

Memories from R. L. Young by Laterika Weed

R. L. Young Fight Song
When Tigers get together and red is all we see,
We’re on our way to reaching an awesome victory.
The path is laid before us,
Each step is carefully made,
Our friends are forever,
R. L. Young hurray, hurray!

The first time I heard the "Fight Song" I didn’t understand. I’m in 6th grade and I know now what it means. It means our friendships are forever through the years as we go to junior high, on to high school and finish school. Some might forget, some might remember that our friendships at R. L. Young are forever.

I will always want to come back and just walk the halls with my friends and think about the memories we had. I’ll never get tired of seeing the school, my friends, and my teachers I’ve had. I will carry my memories with me forever and my friendships will be forever.

Laterika Weed

R. L. Young welcomes all graduates to visit anytime!

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