Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Day Count Almost Over!

Our 20 Day Count for AYP will end on October 3rd. Our current attendance average is 96.9%. A school must have at least 95% to have a GREEN CELL on the AYP report for 2011-12. 

Thanks to students for being so diligent in coming to school each day, not being late, and not checking out. There's a special surprise coming for our students after October 3! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

9-23-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

This week's star student has really worked hard and has been noticed by many people. She really strives to do her best at everything she does. She has really worked hard in the classroom as well as P.E. It always makes me smile when we have students who start showing their leadership skills when they are pushed to be the best. This week's star student has been the best this week. Keep up the great work, Diamond O.!

Computers for Education ROBOT Winner

The robot has finally rolled out (literally) of R. L. Young into the arms of fifth grader, Kaley B. She was one of many students who completed and returned a booklet of family and friends' addresses. The COMPUTERS FOR EDUCATION company will mail each person a request to purchase magazines. There is no requirement to make a purchase, but the school receives a check anyway. If the child's family/friends decides to order a magazine, he or she will receive a free t-shirt and be entered into an 
drawing for a family vacation. 

This was a busy week at Young with the ending of the Cookie Dough sale and the C for Education booklets coming home. Thanks to all who found it possible to participate. 
As always, it is optional, but APPRECIATED. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Playground Transformation Forthcoming!

This year's PTO officers have really hit the ground running with a September fund raiser (Cookie Dough) to help Coach Stephens transform the playground. He has his eye on something that the children will love! Staying healthy and active plays a big part in the academic success of children. Their PE time also allows time to develop social skills and lifelong friendships.

Thanks to removal of all of the wood by the TCS maintenance department, our students have been splinter-free this year. With the removal of all of the wood structures, our playground now looks bare. But this will be changing in the near future thanks to your help during the fundraiser.

This week students who turned in their blue slips and sold 4 tubs by Sept. 5 enjoyed a cool treat from PTO. 

As principal, I regret that fundraisers must be a part of our school year. But this is one way we can continue to make R. L. Young an even GREATER place to learn and grow. Remember that donations to the school can be used as tax credits, thus benefiting the school and YOU!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kids Keep It Simple..But Powerful!

Meet Jaylin P., a fifth grader at R. L. Young. I just happen to walk in his classroom as he was sharing his journal for the day. I was inspired and wanted to share it with YOU!
I think friendship is a respectful thing. You should always be nice and friendly. Friends should hold a special place in your heart. I try to do my best to be friends with everybody. I don't like to see people being mean to one another. So, let's all be friends.

Great advice for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

PTO Meeting and 3rd Grade Program September 29 at 6:00 p.m.

R. L. Young 3rd graders and their teachers, Mrs. Haynes and Ms. Thornton will be presenting a program entitled "Proud" at the first PTO meeting of the new 2011-12 school year at 6 p.m. on September 29th in the auditorium.

Planning, preparing, and teaching a school program takes hours. And although it is an added task for the teachers, we know it has many advantages. Grade level programs create wonderful memories for our students and their parents. Videotaping and photographing children during the program captures moments in their lives that can and will be revisited when they get older. It helps to bond a group together and instill confidence from being on stage. It is a way to be represented as a grade level to the rest of the student body, often serving as a way to "teach" or "motivate" each other. These programs bring us closer together as a school. 

My hat goes off to the teachers as they use their creative skills to make our PTO programs a reality. Our students and I are so lucky to have educators of this caliber! After the program, I hope you will take the opportunity to thank them, showcase our efforts through video or photos, and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

We encourage all parents to attend all of the PTO meetings. One of the things that sets R. L. Young apart from many schools is our strong and wonderful parent support. We hope you will keep this tradition alive by joining the Parent and Teacher Organization. The cost is only $5 per family and gives you voting rights on how the PTO funds are spend.  Even if you choose not to become member, the meetings are free. 

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love Notes from 2011 Grandparents' Day

Grandparents visiting recently were invited to comment on their experience. We are pleased to share their thoughts with you...

'Thank you for the hospitality! The school looks beautiful and oh so clean. My grandchildren and my daughter love this school. It holds fond memories for all of them. I had a good time. Thank you, Tripp and Anna Belle for inviting me! I love ya'll!"

"This was as enjoyable way for us to see the school environment and the children in it. They are so proud of their school and the work that has been done to improve it. Everyone has worked so hard to make it pleasant. The notes the children wrote are treasures. Our girls especially enjoyed the punch and cookies. Family time was great."

"Had a great time. The children enjoyed it."

"Everything is well organized. Hospitality of the highest. Children should be very well taught in every field. The outlook for the future is very beautiful."


"Had a wonderful day in the name of Jesus. Enjoyed everyone, especially my grandkids."

"Had a wonderful day with the teacher and my grandkids."

"Enjoyed the day. Appreciate all you do. All teachers are wonderful. We are blessed."

"It's been great! Let's do it again."

"Thank you for inviting us to this special event. We really enjoyed seeing our grandson's school and his favorite place here: the playground, the library, and the lunchroom. It was a treat for him to show us around."

"We had a great time. R. L. Young school is a great school. Thank you for inviting Connor's grandparents to Grandparents' Day."


"Loved my visit! You need to have different snacks, not sweets. Some people can't have sweets, chocolate, etc." 
**(Good idea and noted by the G. Day committee)
"I enjoyed touring the school with my grandchildren. It is very kind of the school to let the grandparents come and take a part in the children's school."
"It was so nice. I enjoyed it!"

"Enjoy Grandparents' Day, it was very nice to be a part of Kaylee's day and visit the school."
"Loved my special day with my Great-Great grandson, Jaxon Couch. Everything was real pretty and nice."
"It was a very nice day. Everything was planned well."
"Very well organized! I enjoyed it very much. 
Hope to do it again next year."

"Enjoyed seeing the school. It is very clear and everything was well organized. Thank you so much for Grandparents' Day."

"Grandparents' Day was something special. I love spending that time getting to meet and greet people. I enjoyed our day together with the grandkids and the teachers and seeing all the things they do in school."

"Enjoyed the refreshments so nice of you all to honor these kids this way & be with their grandparents for a few minutes. I have enjoyed these last 6 years being here and enjoying it. Thanks a million! Keep up the good work. This is a great school you all have so much to
 be thankful for."

"I enjoyed being with Jaxon Couch on Grandparents' Day. Jaxon is the love of my life."

"Today was such a great day. We toured the school. Everything was so wonderful. Thank you for making all grandparents feel special and involving us in our grandchildren's school activities."

I have enjoyed my time with my granddaughter, Kaley Bowman!
Kaley wrote: "I enjoyed it with my mawmaw, too. She loved my pic I made her."

"We love the school-we moved to Talladega from Vincent School and were so disappointed with the school systems & someone at church told us about the school. I prayed that we would be able to get them in. We thought we would have to put them in a private school. But this school is answer to our prayers. The teachers are kind and helpful. The principal is very loving and has the best interest of the children at heart. The children learn that caring from other people other than family is possible. Thank you. "

9-16-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

LeighAnna M. is a model student. She is always on task and she is always just being so good. LeighAnna has always done everything she is told to do with a positive attitude. She is a wonderful friend, student, and person. Great job and keep up the great work!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

R. L. Young's Special Guest

Meet Mr. Maurice Patterson. He was in town for a special event and decided to swing by his old elementary school, Raymond L. Young Elementary in Talladega, Alabama. Boy, was he surprised to find his very own picture hanging among a display of historical photos in R.L. Young 's auditorium. 

Two summers ago when the auditorium was being restored, we pondered over what should hang on the back wall. Luckily for our school, several cool photos were discovered, enlarged, and framed. Mr. Patterson is featured on the front row of the picture of children and staff surrounding a jeep. These folks raised funds to purchase the vehicle for the military. 

Today, our students are much like the kids of the past. Just this month they are participating in JUMPROPE FOR HEART, a program that helps those suffering from heart problems. Glad you stopped by, Mr. Patterson! Thanks for reminding me how great our traditions are here at R.L. Young! Come back anytime......

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tennis, Anyone?

R.L. Young would like to say thank you to the Spring Street Rec. Department for bringing tennis to our school. It was a pleasure to learn new tips and fun games from Brian Hutton, Lucia Von Der Hayde, and Kevin Theos. We are so thankful to have a community that cares so much about our schools and children.

Can you notice the smiles and determination on our students' faces?
Our students really gave Brian a challenge. I wonder who won the contest of how
 many you could hit in a row?

Here the students are trying to balance the ball while bending down to touch the ground.

Students were given the chance to partner up and test their quickness by catching the
 ball before it bounces two times. Great work!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Attendance is SO Important for School Success!

Isaiah H. was so excited to be the winner of this beautiful peacock. The stuffed animal is a component of a new program geared to promoting good school attendance. Thanks to our supportive PTO, each Friday for the first nine weeks, students have an opportunity to win a collectable card featuring animals from India. The peacock was the first featured card. The Sharp Schools Program not only offers the cards, but sends beautiful, lifelike stuffed animals to use as an extra incentive for coming to school. 

Students were also given a plastic sleeve to be placed in their TIGER notebook or UGA (Upper Grade Academy) Binder. When the nine week span is completed, they should have   nine collectable cards! Several weeks have been a 2 for 1 deal, in which children who have perfect attendance can earn back the previously missed card. We have found this program to be motivating and fun for our students. In fact, this past week's card featured the rare white bengal tiger. 
R. L. Young already has in place the TOP DOG Club which recognizes by six weeks children who maintain perfect attendance. Many schools wait until the school year ends to recognize children who have missed 0 days. By splitting this recognition per grading period, our students are more motivated to come each day. 

We appreciate parents who also value "seat time" for their children. A school cannot teach a child at home. And of course, it is the law that students attend school unless they are sick, have a death in the family, or a court appearance. There is no way to recapture great teaching. Poor attendance creates gaps in learning and will eventually affect student performance. 

As a parent myself, I know it is tempting to "reward" a child with a lunch date off campus for their birthday, a day to sleep in, or just a goof-off afternoon. There are many built-in holidays and time off from hitting the books during the school year. Marking this off time on a posted family calendar will provide your child a visual of the upcoming break from the normal routine. Although you might think this is being a fun parent, the message being sent is that learning and school is not that important. The truth is that education will help them earn more money, get a better job, and be a more productive adult. It is often tough to be a parent!

The bottom line is that we want your child in school unless they have a fever, are throwing up, or there is a death in the family. We need them here from 8 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. each day. 180 days of learning, growing, and enjoying their school, friends, and teacher. Their futures will be BRIGHTER because of it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Astonishing Benefits...

One of my new favorite quotes...                                           “Children are made readers on the laps of their    parents.” 
Emilie Buchwald

****Please make time to read to your child OR let them read to you. The benefits are astonishing.......

Monday, September 12, 2011

9-9-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week!

Taylor G. is a great student. Taylor is a leader who leads by example. Taylor is always following directions and being kind to others. Taylor is a fun student who is always putting others before her. She always brightens your day with her smile. Keep up the great work!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9-2-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week

Krislynn G. has demonstrated to her classmates how to follow directions and to be a true leader. Krislynn is a great student who has a great attitude. Krislynn is always doing her best at everything she does. Sometimes students are challenged by their teachers and this week Krislynn has stepped up to the challenge and she has been an awesome student.

Great job Krislynn and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4th Graders' Awesome Projects!

Just in case you miss this on the 4th grade blog........Check out all of this learning and the pride in the students' faces! Great projects...thanks, parents for helping!
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Student Receives Letter from the President

Taylor H., a fourth grader at R. L. Young decided to write a letter to the President of the United States. Her concern was the lack of storm shelters available in her area. Taylor's letter was received and the response is below:
Thanks, Taylor for taking the initiative to write to the President. You and your peers are the future of our great Country.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

2011-12 Calendar of Events Revised

At R. L. Young we take great pride in the strong communication between the school and our parents. On the side of the blog you will find a link to the 2011-12 Calendar of Events. This list has recently been revised to include the correct date of Grandparents' Day, which occurs on September 9th. The other changes that were made were dates of our GOOD CITIZEN luncheons. These dates were changed  to allow  our counselor, Ms. Joann Deese to be present. We are fortunate to have her on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She heads up the Good Citizen program and does a fine job!

Thanks for checking the blog and staying in touch with the happenings at our school!


If your child's report is not satisfactory, consider the following items:
*Is your child frequently tardy?
*Does your child complete homework?
*Do you and your child prepare for tests?
*Does your child know school is important to you, too?
*Does your child bring the necessary supplies to class?
*Do you visit the school for an occasional lunch date or to speak to the teacher?
*Is your child frequently absent from school, but could have probably attended? 

The problem may not be his/her ability to learn, but obstacles that can be easily removed. 

R. L. Young School Commitment 2011

This year as students returned to school they noticed a new bulletin board in the lunchroom. The board was bare except for the following statements and a handprint representing each faculty and staff member.

R. L. Young School Commitment
I make a commitment to take a stand against bullying.
I will treat others with RESPECT and KINDNESS.
I will have the COMPASSION to not be a bully and the COURAGE to not be a bystander.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help others being bullied and to report bullying.

Before the children completed that first week of school, they, too had added their own handprint.  One of my favorite quotes from Helen Keller states, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Our goal this year is to empower students to unite and help one another when a conflict arises. Often it is the bystander that can truly make a difference if they choose to take a stand. On the side of the school blog there is a new link added just for students to report bullying that is occuring during the school day. It is yet another way we strive to provide assistance to our students.

Also, new throughout the school is a posted definition of bullying: BULLYING is deliberately hurting other people with words or actions. Each Monday Coach Stephens is bringing important information to the entire student body by way of videos. These videos portray children in situations involving conflict. After viewing the videos, a discussion is held to help the children process this new information. Often times children do not know how to handle sticky situations. It is our hope that our students will gain useful knowledge and feel better equipped to know what to do in sticky situations.
As a school, we hope to see an improvement in how our students relate to others at school and home. When children are happy, they learn more and are more productive in school.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Citizens for August 2011

  Good Citizens for Grades K- 3:
       Jayden H., Gracyn S., Jaia J., Kiera W.,
John Paul W., Ally T., Taylor P.,
 and Maddison M.

Good Citizens for grades 4th -6th: Victoria F., Jay P., Carolyn H., Wesley B., and Ryland J.

                Thank you for making R. L. Young a    
           good place to learn and grow.