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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

R. L. Young's Special Guest

Meet Mr. Maurice Patterson. He was in town for a special event and decided to swing by his old elementary school, Raymond L. Young Elementary in Talladega, Alabama. Boy, was he surprised to find his very own picture hanging among a display of historical photos in R.L. Young 's auditorium. 

Two summers ago when the auditorium was being restored, we pondered over what should hang on the back wall. Luckily for our school, several cool photos were discovered, enlarged, and framed. Mr. Patterson is featured on the front row of the picture of children and staff surrounding a jeep. These folks raised funds to purchase the vehicle for the military. 

Today, our students are much like the kids of the past. Just this month they are participating in JUMPROPE FOR HEART, a program that helps those suffering from heart problems. Glad you stopped by, Mr. Patterson! Thanks for reminding me how great our traditions are here at R.L. Young! Come back anytime......


Katie said...

That's my dad! How special! :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Thomas, this is my great uncle. I had no clue he came by. Brooke Presley