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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love Notes from 2011 Grandparents' Day

Grandparents visiting recently were invited to comment on their experience. We are pleased to share their thoughts with you...

'Thank you for the hospitality! The school looks beautiful and oh so clean. My grandchildren and my daughter love this school. It holds fond memories for all of them. I had a good time. Thank you, Tripp and Anna Belle for inviting me! I love ya'll!"

"This was as enjoyable way for us to see the school environment and the children in it. They are so proud of their school and the work that has been done to improve it. Everyone has worked so hard to make it pleasant. The notes the children wrote are treasures. Our girls especially enjoyed the punch and cookies. Family time was great."

"Had a great time. The children enjoyed it."

"Everything is well organized. Hospitality of the highest. Children should be very well taught in every field. The outlook for the future is very beautiful."


"Had a wonderful day in the name of Jesus. Enjoyed everyone, especially my grandkids."

"Had a wonderful day with the teacher and my grandkids."

"Enjoyed the day. Appreciate all you do. All teachers are wonderful. We are blessed."

"It's been great! Let's do it again."

"Thank you for inviting us to this special event. We really enjoyed seeing our grandson's school and his favorite place here: the playground, the library, and the lunchroom. It was a treat for him to show us around."

"We had a great time. R. L. Young school is a great school. Thank you for inviting Connor's grandparents to Grandparents' Day."


"Loved my visit! You need to have different snacks, not sweets. Some people can't have sweets, chocolate, etc." 
**(Good idea and noted by the G. Day committee)
"I enjoyed touring the school with my grandchildren. It is very kind of the school to let the grandparents come and take a part in the children's school."
"It was so nice. I enjoyed it!"

"Enjoy Grandparents' Day, it was very nice to be a part of Kaylee's day and visit the school."
"Loved my special day with my Great-Great grandson, Jaxon Couch. Everything was real pretty and nice."
"It was a very nice day. Everything was planned well."
"Very well organized! I enjoyed it very much. 
Hope to do it again next year."

"Enjoyed seeing the school. It is very clear and everything was well organized. Thank you so much for Grandparents' Day."

"Grandparents' Day was something special. I love spending that time getting to meet and greet people. I enjoyed our day together with the grandkids and the teachers and seeing all the things they do in school."

"Enjoyed the refreshments so nice of you all to honor these kids this way & be with their grandparents for a few minutes. I have enjoyed these last 6 years being here and enjoying it. Thanks a million! Keep up the good work. This is a great school you all have so much to
 be thankful for."

"I enjoyed being with Jaxon Couch on Grandparents' Day. Jaxon is the love of my life."

"Today was such a great day. We toured the school. Everything was so wonderful. Thank you for making all grandparents feel special and involving us in our grandchildren's school activities."

I have enjoyed my time with my granddaughter, Kaley Bowman!
Kaley wrote: "I enjoyed it with my mawmaw, too. She loved my pic I made her."

"We love the school-we moved to Talladega from Vincent School and were so disappointed with the school systems & someone at church told us about the school. I prayed that we would be able to get them in. We thought we would have to put them in a private school. But this school is answer to our prayers. The teachers are kind and helpful. The principal is very loving and has the best interest of the children at heart. The children learn that caring from other people other than family is possible. Thank you. "

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