Our school is proud of the traditions, high expectations, and inviting atmosphere that make it a good place to learn and grow.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organization Workshop for Kids

R. L. Young students in grades 4-6 were invited to attend an organizational workshop by Dr. Frank Buck. Dr. Buck is a two time author and very successful national presenter. He also worked in our school system for many years. His last position was as Special Education Supervisor and Curriculum Coordinator in the Central Office.

 Dr. Buck's workshop for our students focused on the use of their planners. He did several activities to demonstrate why writing things down was so important. He also shared that a planner can lighten the stress in their busy lives. He encouraged them to make their planners personal by adding birthdays or recording events that happen outside of school. The planner is a tool to use at school and home.

Our school really appreciated Dr. Buck taking time out of his busy schedule to share a bit of organizational wisdom with the students. The teachers and I believe that learning organization early in life will help our students be more productive and successful!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Kindergarten Round-up

The theme this year in kindergarten is "Kindergarten Round-up". We certainly welcome our newest students to the school. We also encourage parents of future kindergarten students to take a good look at our school and its strong academic program beginning in kindergarten and following them all the way to the sixth grade. You can view a video created by Mrs. Nabors by clicking here.

Our motto: "R. L. Young...a good place to learn and grow". Believe me, this motto rings true even after 80 + years!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 R. L. Young LIBRARY...Ready for Kids!

Dear Students,
Get those library cards ready because the principal has been give the OK to begin using the Destiny Library Program. R. L. Young features a flexible schedule for our library. This allows students to read and visit throughout the day, as long as it does not interfere with their classwork. 

It has been proven that for a child to IMPROVE as a reader, they must read. This does not mean reading a book that is too difficult or frustrating. Children should read books that are in their comfort zone. In the month of September, we will be assessing each child using the Accelerated Reading STAR Program. The program determines the "comfortable" reading ranges an each individual student. As the child becomes a better reader, they are advanced to a higher reading range. The higher the range they read, the wider a selection of books become available. 

I have always loved reading and we strive to pass this love onto our students. One opportunity that students have to have "free reading" is in the lunchroom PRIOR to the school day beginning. Each child that comes to school early goes into the lunchroom where 2 teachers are assigned bus duty. It is your child's responsibility to have something they want to read. Please encourage your child to select something and keep it in his/her book bag. 

Young 4th Graders are SCIENTISTS!

R. L. Young is blessed to have not only the best teachers around, but also parents and grandparents willing to help with our students' learning process. Check out the blog post written by 4th grade teacher Roxanne Lamberth. Her young scientists are using a hands-on approach and microscopes. Thanks, Grammie Cole for volunteering your time and making learning FUN!

Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Grandparents' Tea at R. L. Young

Grandparents' Day

R. L. Young will honor our grandparents with a tea on Friday, September 9 from 12-2 p.m. Grandparents hold a special place in the lives of our children. We want to make them feel as special as they are! Grandparents will have an opportunity to tour the school with their grandchildren, have a professional photo made, and enjoy refreshments. A letter to parents and invitation for grandparents will be sent home with each child. Be sure to return the form to school by September 7. We look forward to hosting these special visitors at our school.

8-26-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week!

Alex A. is an awesome student. He treats everyone with a kind heart. Alex is always helping others even though he isn't asked to. Alex is a hard worker with a great attitude. Great job, Alex for being a great student. 
Keep up the great work!

Monday, August 22, 2011

8-19-11 P.E. Star Student of the Week!

Sometimes people are put into new places where they have to make new friends. This week's star student is a new student to our school who has a great attitude. He has great manners and is going to be a positive influence to his classmates. We are proud to have students here at R.L. Young who always try to do the right things. Great job, Lawrence M. for being our first bright star of the year. Keep up the great work and keep having a positive attitude.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fast Friends in Kindergarten

Just one week into a new school year and our kindergarteners are already fast friends. Check out our newest grade level blog and the cutest video ever!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 TOP TEST Scores at R. L. Young

Interpretation: We met all 13 goals!

Our students surpassed the reading goal determined by the state by 10.27!

Even the lowest score was 96.5, giving our school all A's!

The math scores for Young were even more impressive than reading 
with a cushion of 16.27 over the state goal.
Quite impressive!

Our TOP DOG Club is paying off! This data comes from the 20 days after Labor Day. Please make sure your child is present each day. The number of teaching units for each school is determined by the enrollment during this time frame of 20 days.

These teachers ( Mrs. Haynes 3rd, Mrs. Nabors K, Mrs. Liner K, Mrs. Harris 4th, and Mrs. Wilson 4th) had 100% proficiency on ARMT Reading/Math or DIBELS testing.  They were "crowned" by the principal in honor of this highest possible achievement! 
Mrs. Thornton's students, (3rd grade teacher at Young) accomplished 100% benchmark on DIBELS, and proficient/above proficient on ARMT reading and math. She received a
 crown and sceptor for this incredible achievement. 
Of course, these teachers credited the hard work of all of our faculty and staff. Every adult on our campus supports the children that walk through our doors each day. Learning and teaching is a major focus at YOUNG! When a child has a strong teacher each year, coupled with parent support, they surpass the expected outcomes. We are so proud of our accomplishments. 

The students will be honored in September with a MEDAL ceremony recognizing those who scored 4's, 3/4's, and 3's on the tests. Parents will be invited!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes From Our 2011 MEET and GREET

The Bemiston streets surrounding the school were full of cars as parents and students were welcomed into the library, lunchroom, auditorium, and classrooms! Each year R. L. Young hosts a "Meet and Greet" for parents and children to ease the mind of both.

Starting school can be a stressful time, but we believe supplying a sneak peek of that new teacher, new classroom, and connecting with old/new friends before the big day eases everyone's fears. It is also a time parents can drop off supplies or give a supply donation. 

Our PTO officers were on hand to assist parents joining the hardest working group of folks ever! They work hand in hand with the administration, teachers, and staff to continue improvements to the school. 

 First grade parents meet with teachers in the library before moving onto classrooms.

Third grade teachers welcomed parents to a great school year.

 Our fifth and sixth UPPER GRADE ACADEMY teachers visited with parents in the auditorium before moving into the homeroom classrooms. We are excited to bring the team teaching approach once again to our oldest students. They are sure to get the best education as teachers pool their expertise and share it with all 5th and 6th graders.

 Don't forget to purchase your new school t-shirt. Each grade level sports a different color which is perfect for field trips, special events, and field day.
 If you missed the MEET and GREET, have no fear, the teachers will have your child's things on his/her assigned desk and will be sent home on the first day. Feel free to visit us when you have the opportunity. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Birth of Two Grade Level Blogs....check it out!

Pssss........check out our grade level blogs........designed by 4th grade and kindergarten! You will be able to learn even more about R. L. Young....Good Place to Learn and Grow!

Links are also provided on the side of the school's blog!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cool Website for Your Child to Brush up on their Vocabulary

Study vocabulary and feed the site and lots of fun. I have to admit I played it myself. No need to register, just play. Check it out!

Please note they did add a warning that this game may make you SMARTER!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome New Kindergarteners!

R. L. Young is excited to welcome our kindergarteners for the 2010-11 school year. Check out this special post on KINDERGARTEN'S new blog!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Excerpt from the Daily Home Article about Area Schools Making AYP

Excerpt from the Daily Home Article about Area Schools Making AYP

Although all of the system’s elementary schools met their objectives, as did Zora Ellis Junior High School, the system as a whole did not make AYP, and neither did Talladega High School.

Superintendent Doug Campbell was out of the office Tuesday, and Assistant Superintendent Joni Baker said she was still “dissecting our results. The high school met the goal for their academic additional indicator, which is the graduation rate, but we still didn’t make it for reading and math. We made some significant improvements, but we’re still not where we need to be.”

Reading scores, for example, rose from 85.81 percent last year to 87.87 percent this year. However, over the same period, the No Child Left Behind Standards in reading increased from 89 percent to 92 percent.

The math numbers were similar, increasing from 78.63 to 80.60. The benchmark numbers moved from 82 percent to 86 percent.

“I’m proud to see the improvements,” Baker said. “But the math goal is going up four more points next year, and the reading is going up another three points.”

Of the city’s elementary schools, Baker said she is particularly proud of C.L. Salter, “where we’ve seen a lot of improvement over the past couple of years, and the scores at R.L. Young are just off the map. Northside Hal Henderson has a lot to be proud of, too. But I’m particularly proud of our results at Ellis, which was on the school improvement list but has met its goals for at least the last two years.”

For the elementary and junior high schools, the additional academic indicator is attendance, which was at 95 percent for the year.

“Overall I’m proud,” Baker said. “Especially at the K through 8 level, we did lots of strategic in-services, and as a result we saw a lot of improvement. Just not quite enough.”

The system overall failed to make AYP due to problems in the special education bloc, Baker said. “We made AYP as a system last year, but not this year because of the special ed. Bloc. That’s something we’re really going to have to focus on next year.”

Read more:The Daily Home - Many schools meet goals

Monday, August 1, 2011

***New*** Year Breakfast and Lunch Information for 2011-12

Breakfast will start this new year on Monday, August 22. Meal prices have increased this year.
(Board approved at March 2011 Board Meeting)
The prices are listed below:

Breakfast: Students - $1.00

Adults (employees) - $1.25

Visitors - $2.00


Lunch: Students - $2.00

Adults (employees) - $2.50

Visitors - $3.25

It's still the best deal in town! Guests are welcome. Just notify the teacher on the
morning of your visit with a written note, so the lunch count will reflect an extra
person dining with us.