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Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes From Our 2011 MEET and GREET

The Bemiston streets surrounding the school were full of cars as parents and students were welcomed into the library, lunchroom, auditorium, and classrooms! Each year R. L. Young hosts a "Meet and Greet" for parents and children to ease the mind of both.

Starting school can be a stressful time, but we believe supplying a sneak peek of that new teacher, new classroom, and connecting with old/new friends before the big day eases everyone's fears. It is also a time parents can drop off supplies or give a supply donation. 

Our PTO officers were on hand to assist parents joining the hardest working group of folks ever! They work hand in hand with the administration, teachers, and staff to continue improvements to the school. 

 First grade parents meet with teachers in the library before moving onto classrooms.

Third grade teachers welcomed parents to a great school year.

 Our fifth and sixth UPPER GRADE ACADEMY teachers visited with parents in the auditorium before moving into the homeroom classrooms. We are excited to bring the team teaching approach once again to our oldest students. They are sure to get the best education as teachers pool their expertise and share it with all 5th and 6th graders.

 Don't forget to purchase your new school t-shirt. Each grade level sports a different color which is perfect for field trips, special events, and field day.
 If you missed the MEET and GREET, have no fear, the teachers will have your child's things on his/her assigned desk and will be sent home on the first day. Feel free to visit us when you have the opportunity. 

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