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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organization Workshop for Kids

R. L. Young students in grades 4-6 were invited to attend an organizational workshop by Dr. Frank Buck. Dr. Buck is a two time author and very successful national presenter. He also worked in our school system for many years. His last position was as Special Education Supervisor and Curriculum Coordinator in the Central Office.

 Dr. Buck's workshop for our students focused on the use of their planners. He did several activities to demonstrate why writing things down was so important. He also shared that a planner can lighten the stress in their busy lives. He encouraged them to make their planners personal by adding birthdays or recording events that happen outside of school. The planner is a tool to use at school and home.

Our school really appreciated Dr. Buck taking time out of his busy schedule to share a bit of organizational wisdom with the students. The teachers and I believe that learning organization early in life will help our students be more productive and successful!

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