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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kittens at R. L. Young

Children are always listening, watching, and learning from everyone around them. The R. L. Young faculty and staff is very aware of this. I am proud that the adults that work at Young are great examples for our students. Below is a story written by first grader Tori P. She was moved to write it after learning about Mr. Jemison’s basement discovery.

Mr. Jemison found three kittens in the basement. They were so cute. One was black, two were orange. Their momma was lost. Mr. Jemison put them in the office. Mrs. Thomas put them in a box with a blanket. They were playing with each other. They were little bitty. Their blanket was yellow.

Good job, Mr. Jemison!
Tori P.

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Papa P. said...

What a bright young lady to write such a warm story about the kittens. Thank you Tori P. for sharing this information with us.
Papa P.