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Thursday, September 1, 2016

AR Opening Ceremony: Let the Reading Begin!

Let the Reading Begin!

Today students at R.L. Young attended the Opening Ceremony for AR! Students were excited to learn about the new theme for this year, which is the Reading Olympics. As students entered the auditorium, line leaders held signs representing their classroom. Students learned about some of the continuing incentives and new  incentives such as: Recognizing students that meet their individual goals each nine weeks at the Honor Roll assembly with a ribbon, Reader Leader board, Top 20 board, etc. Also, students learned about the Reading Torch that will be passed along weekly to the class with the highest comprehension average. It is our goal at R.L. Young that every student will strive to do their very best and will strive to be a Reader Leader! Students may begin testing tomorrow, September 2nd. 

Good Luck to everyone and Happy Reading! 

Our MC, Cadence, encouraging her peers to try reading something new,
 something that they are interested in, a different genre,
something out of their comfort zone- like a chapter book. 

10 Points & 85% Comprehension - Prize Box
Gracyn and Addison showing off some awesome prizes from the box

25 Points & 85% Comprehension-  2 Hardwork Cafe Passes and 2 Homework Passes
Emi and Niobe are jumping for joy for these cool prizes

50 Points & 85% Comprehension- Goodie Bag and Nook Pass
Maddox and Cole are ready to read with these tasty snacks

75 Points 85% Comprehension- Lunch from McDonald's
Emily, Kaitlyn, and Grayce cannot stop smiling over this delicious prize

100 Points 5th & 6th Grade 85% Comprehension-
85 Points 4th Grade 
85% Comprehension-
75 Points in 3rd Grade 
85% Comprehension-
65 Points in 2nd Grade 
85% Comprehension-
AR Field Trip and Reader Leader Yard sign

Trent, Nel'Javion, and Matthew are the envy of the school with this fantastic prize

150 Points 85% Comprehension-
Carly and Takalyn are looking fab in their cool Gold Medal Reader t-shirts

200 Points 85% Comprehension-  Pizza with a Friend in the Library Media Center
Braylan and Clayton are grubbing down on this tasty prize

300 Points 85% Comprehension- Wal-Mart Gift Card
Landon and Trinitee are ready to shop with this plentiful prize

400 Points 85% Comprehension- Certificate for you and a friend to go bowling.
 Certificate includes bowling, shoes, snack, and a drink for you and a friend.

Zara and Austyn agree that this prize is a STRIKE!

500 Points 85% Comprehension- Lunch away from the school for you, a parent, and your teacher
Jelicia and Katelyn are ready to dine out with this amazing prize

600 Points 85% Comprehension-  Mystery Box

Kelton and Jaliyah are perplexed by what this prize could be.
The last time someone reached this goal, they were a huge baseball fan.
So, they got to go to Georgia to watch the Atlanta Braves play.
Wow! The place you could go if ONLY you were a Mystery Box Winner.

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