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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kids Helping Kids

Raymond L. Young believes there is a lot of power in KIDS HELPING KIDS. Two programs started this year are our TUTOR TEAM and Student Reading Assistants. Both programs take place in the morning when children are waiting for the bell to ring.

Each TUTOR TEAM member has been assigned a child that they work with on letter recognition, sight words, and other skills to improve the performance in the classroom. We appreciate our upper grade students who are willling to help others. To qualify to serve as a tutor, students must have good conduct, work hard on their own studies, and be a good role model for others.
All tutors have their own canvas bag filled with supplies to use with their students. This program allows students to have their minds ready to learn because the process has already begun before they enter the classroom.
Reading Assistants lend their services to young readers in first grade who just need a listening ear, a bit of motivation, and help with unknown words.
Isaiah M. and Mya S. work on books and practice sounding out words during a session.

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Enjoyed reading about your school. Keep in touch. If you find out which hospital Tara works at please let me know. Aunt Sarah. Hello to all!