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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking For Top Dogs!

Raymond L. Young faculty and staff want all smiling faces to be present each day unless a child is sick. Often as a teacher or parent, it is difficult to determine if a child is sick enough to go home. My rule of thumb for my own children and former students was this: If the child had fever or was throwing up they checked out. Teachers encourage the students to stay if at all possible. Students can make up the work, but without the instruction piece, important skills will be missing.
The principal's TOP DOG Club was developed to motivate children to stay in school. Every six weeks, students with No Tardies, No Checkouts, No Absences are rewarded in a special way. This year TOP DOGS will be photographed for a bulletin board and receive a token for the TREASURE TOWER!

Thanks to the PTO for helping sponsor this exciting new reward system at YOUNG!
See you at school!

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