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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Festival News 2012

PTO FALL FESTIVAL Fundraiser 2012

Greetings, Young Goblins,

Thanks to the Awesome STAFF, PTO and YOU, We are looking forward to a Successful Fun Filled         
  Evening for our Young Pumpkins to Enjoy! This year we are shaking things up a bit as follows:

1. DATE: October 25, 2012 5PM – 8PM  MARK THOSE CALENDARS!

  2.  There will be TWO LINES at Front Entrance; ONE PRE-PAID PASS LINE and ONE CASH PAY  

3.  TICKETS Have Been REPLACED with a YES ARMBAND Event Pass as follows:

YES ARMBAND Event Pass price $1O.00 ADMISSION Per PERSON(S).  Ages 2 and under Free!!! 
        (Example: 2 Adults and 2 Children @ $10.00 = $40.00)
     Gold Fish
     Toilet Bowl Toss     
     Golf Ladder 
     Pick Up Ducks
          Disco Room Visits 
          Toy Walk
                 Hay Ride
                 1 Picture
                 Colored Hair Spray 
                 Coke Toss
                Costume Contest
                *Please Note Planned Games – Subject to Change
4.  AVOID Standing in Cash Pay Line by PRE-PAYING on the Following Dates:
October: 8th, 12th, 19th, and 22ND

            5.  EXTRA Items NOT included in YES Event Pass are priced below:
Pumpkin Queen 50 Cents a Vote
Dunking Booth 50 Cents a Swing
      *(5-7 Weather Permits)
Get Out of Jail for 50 Cents 
Candy in Jar 50 Cents a Guess
          Silent Auction See #6 for info.   
                  CONCESSIONS in LUNCHROOM  (No need to cook on this fun-filled night!)
                          Pop Corn 50 Cents a Bag
                       Chips 50 Cents a Bag
                       Little Desserts 50 Cents Each
                       Hotdogs $1.00 Each
                       Serving of Chili $1.00
                       Can Drinks 75 Cents Each
                       Nachos / Cheese $1.00
                    *Other Menu Items Available  

6.  Silent Auction – Starting Bids $10.00 Minimum Please.                                                  
(Please Contact Paula Smith 205.616.6225 for Additional Information e.g. Slightly Used or New Donations!)

7.  DOOR PRIZE GIVEAWAY @ 7:30 PM (will receive one prize ticket per person at door for chance to win!)    
        Share in on the Fun – Volunteers Needed Please Contact Your Child’(s) Teacher or Any PTO Officer – Thanks in Advance          
                              Stay Tuned…More Gobbling Bits to Follow! (a letter from PTO is coming home this week!)

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