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Friday, October 26, 2012

We Are All in this Together!

What happens when families and a school work together? Magic! Last night at the Fall Festival, there was magic in the air. Kids were having fun, parents were working to support the school's efforts to raise funds, and there was plenty for folks to do.

Thanks to all who supported this event last night. I always run into trouble when I start calling names, but I must recognize 4 ladies that have been planning for quite some time. In fact, two of these ladies could be spotted nearly every day at school. A GIANT thanks to Chris Cole, Fran Knight, Katrina Bates, and Renee Humphrey. These ladies were very organized and dedicated. The day of the event went smoothly and the night was filled with the magic of kids having fun and making memories. 

Of course, these ladies and our faculty are most appreciative of those who:
*sent items for the themed baskets
*donated cakes, cupcakes, prizes, or toys
*helped set up or clean up a game(s)
*signed up to work at a game
*sent an item(s) for silent auction
*allowed their child to come!

A big shout out is in order for the R. L. Young AMBASSADORS! They counted out tickets, helped with the games, carried stuff, and did a bang up job with any task thrown their way. They are such an awesome group of students!

There are many things for kids to do at the Fall Festival. A great attraction for adults is the Silent Auction. Kudos to PAULA SMITH who spearheaded this activity. There were many, many nice items to bid on, including all those themed baskets. The teachers had to quickly decide on a theme and get the word to parents that we wanted to give this idea a try. Thanks for the support of this project. Many sent basket items, containers were donated by teachers and others, and the children were so proud of the finished product. Bows were donated by a local business (thank you!!!). I appreciate the teamwork displayed by the teachers for taking on this task. It was a true success!

Thanks, Mrs. Gurley and workers for opening up the lunchroom, running the food line, and helping to clean up afterward. Our Lunch Bunch is great! 

Mrs. Diane and Mr. Jemison should receive a GIGANTIC medal for everything that happened on campus prior to the event. You were instrumental in getting things ready and Mrs. Diane even came back last night to help some more! THANK YOU BOTH...

My staff and I are very grateful for the support we receive each day. The reason our school is so successful is we have a common whatever it takes to help kids be all that they can be. Thanks for the part YOU played not only last night, but every day!

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Neoillion said...

It was so touching to see all the children coming in to show off their class baskets to family members! They were so proud of them - such a great thing to get everyone involved. The baskets were super!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.

We are all in this together - it's amazing what can be accomplished when you have people working in harmony - and that's what makes R. L. Young so extra special.