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Friday, October 26, 2012

Teaming Up Against Drugs: Day 5

Whether it is War Eagle, Roll Tide, Go, Lakers!, Go R. L. Young or Go, THS Tigers, the message is clear:  "Team Up Against Drugs!"  Just ask these second graders, "Who's team are you on?"  I'm sure that J. J., Aniya, Gracyn, Brooke, Mrs. Armstrong, Ty, Isaac, Alivia, Gavin and Sa'Niyah will proudly tell you, "I'm on the Drug-Free Team!"  We have signed a drug-free pledge, kicked drugs to the curb, blacked out drugs, worn red to always be "red"-dy to say "NO" to drugs, had sweet dreams in our p.j.'s, and worn our team shirts/clothes.  Mrs. Armstrong cannot wait to see how successful these students are years from now!  Good group of kids and parents/grandparents + awesome school/teachers = successful adults.  R. L. Young TRULY is THE best place to learn and grow!

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