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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 MEDAL CEREMONY....Quite Impressive!

Many hours were spent in preparation of our 2nd Annual Medal Ceremony to recognize high achievement on the Alabama Reading and Math Test for Spring 2011. The scores are received by the school from the state department during the summer. Every child, even those new to Young, who scored a level III or IV in math or reading received a medal. 

Mr. Campbell, Talladega City Schools Superintendent, was on hand to help recognize teachers for "Going for the Gold" and having their students SUPER-prepared for the tests.
Mr. Douglas Campbell
Ms. Thornton and Mrs. Haynes
Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Nelson
Mrs. French
Mrs. Belcher

Fifth graders take the Alabama Science Assessment across the state. R. L. Young was extremely proud of student achievement scores in the science area. 16 students received a gold medal and 13 were awarded the bronze.

Students were recognized in three categories on the ARMT (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Level III indicates the student "met standards" and level IV indicates the student exceeds standards. 
Level III in both Reading and Math (Bronze medal winners)
Level III and IV in Reading and Math (Silver medal winners)
Level IV in both Reading and Math (Gold medal winners)
Two young ladies were given "Rising Stars" certificates and pins. Their efforts during testing were worthy of recognition during the Medal Ceremony. 

We were excited to be able to arrange for students at Zora Ellis to return to receive recognition. Mrs. Gloria Thomas, assistant principal at Ellis handled arrangements at the school and accompanied her crew. We really enjoy watching students continue to succeed even after they leave R. L. Young and think it is important to form a bridge to feeder schools within the school district.

Thanks to our PTO for funding this recognition ceremony. Our students earned the medals and we are proud of all of them! And a special thanks to Kelly Davidson for the wonderful pictures! 

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