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Monday, April 13, 2009

BIG WINNERS from R. L. Young!

6th graders from Raymond L. Young were BIG winners in the District Science Fair competition.

6th Grade Science Fair Winners for District

Animal Science
2nd place - Peyton Daniel - Brain Power Toy Poodle vs. Dashshunds

Behavior & Social Science
1st place - Sam Thomas - Measuring Memory Boys vs. Girls
2nd - Erin Bailey - Left right Left Right Left
3rd- Khason Lackey - Proof is in the Print

Cellular & Molecular Biology
1st place - Calvin Allen - Germ Explosion

1st place - Lucas Nunn - I’m Dyeing to Find Out
2nd place - Elizabeth Wood - Crystals

Computer Science
1st place - Kaleigh Pody - Does Repetition Increase Production

Earth & Planetary Science
2nd place - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3rd place - Deontaius Harmon - How a Thermometer works

Engineering ( Electrical & Mechanical)
1st place - Caitlin Robinson - Which Brand of AA Battery Last Longer
3rd place - Nate Holdridge - What happens when electrons displace

Environmental Management
3rd place - Brandon Williams - Magnets & Temperature

Environmental Sciences
2nd Ashleigh Farmer - What causes water pollution

1st place - Corey Davis - How many green M&M’s are in your pack
2nd place - Clint Brewer - The Birthday Paradox

Medicine & Health
2nd place - Ja’Korbein Porter-Keith - Blood Bathing/Dialysis

1st place - Sam Mann - Comparing the Growth Conditions of mold - 2nd Overall
3rd place - Hunter Presley - What Kind of germs are around us?

Plant Science
1st place - Haley Bowman - What helps Green Bean Plants grow faster

Three of our sixth graders were also winners at the state competition. Congratulations to Kaleigh, Ja'Korbein, and Ashleigh!

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Dr. Frank Buck said...

Congratulations on your achievement. Some very interesting titles, and I am sure you learned a great deal during your investigation.