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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Improvement Explosion at R. L. Young

As principal, I am always happy to report improvements to the school. During the summer, we strive to use this time wisely to improve the school buildings and grounds. Take a look at this completed list...

Strip, clean, and re-wax floors in new annex classrooms
Strip, clean, and re-wax floors in hallways (in process) 
Clean all carpets
Paint new annex walls and annex 1 walls
Paint all bathrooms on campus
Sand main building hallway floor (in process) 
Apply polyurethane to hardwood main building floors 
Paint lunchroom walls
Repair all restroom stalls that do not close properly
Complete installation of new lighting in main building
Replace light in teacher bathroom
Remove metal sheeting from Boys bathroom in main building
Seal 6th grade stone project at flag poles

And so much more!!!!

Check back soon for pictures revealing the improvements. 

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