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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Real Scoop of the Regional Science Fair

Dean Ponder, Student Reporter

Do you want to know what the real scoop of the Regional Science Fair is? Like from a kid who actually went? Well, read this and you’ll find out.

Astonishingly 20 people went to the Alabama Regional Science Fair from R. L. Young Elementary School. Their names are Tra Nike Braxton, Philip Royster, Dean Ponder, Josh Hall, Carter Hadley, Marc Haynes, Hillari Hallmark, Kelvin Cunningham, Anna Whitworth, Brittany Jones, Hayden Hurst, Jack Bailey, Myranda Thacker, Zack Spratlin, Mason Mckibbon, Kelsi Hardy, Corey Smith, Ethan Jackson, Matthew Chandler, and Lacy Mckay.

Josh Hall, Hillari Hallmark, Carter Hadley, Jack Bailey, Philip Royster, Marc Haynes, and Myranda Thacker won 1st or 2nd in their category . Carter Hadley won 1st over all and 1st in his category. Also Carter won the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association Award, 1st Naval Research, and the Certificate of Excellence. Josh Hall won 2nd in his category, 4th in the Naval Research, American Meteorological Society Award. Hillari Hallmark won 1st in her category. Myranda Thacker won 1st in her category. Marc Haynes won 1st in his category. Philip Royster won 2nd in his category and the U.S. Army Award. Jack won 1st in his category. Three people won special awards but didn’t place. Those people were Kelsi Hardy, Dean Ponder, and Kelvin Cunningham. Dean Ponder won 2nd in the Naval Research Award. Kelvin Cunningham won the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium Award. Kelsi Hardy won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

I interviewed several six graders and they said that it was so much fun going, being out of school for two days, and getting to meet other people. They told me that going to eat at Wendys and Burger King was awesome. Also, they told me about some of the new projects they got to see. They said that one boy made a similar version to the Mars Rover. They said that it could lift up to 10 pounds on a robotical arm. They said that they had so much fun and that some are going to participate in 7th grade at Ellis.

Thanks, Dean Ponder for this inside view of your Science Fair experience!

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