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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Writing Explosion!

WATCH OUT...Mrs. Beard, our computer assistant has created a WRITING EXPLOSION! As you wander down to the computer lab, it is impossible to miss the wonderfully written essays on various topics by our older students. An additional display features riddles by younger writers. These riddles have stumped even the adults throughout the school.

Mrs. Beard, who oversees the Successmaker Program, was recently awarded the B.O.B. Award (Bend Over Backward) for going beyond her normal duties to motivate and inspire R. L. Young writers.

Here is a sample riddle written by Mrs. Nabor' Kindergarteners:


See below the 1st place essay written by Sam Thomas :

Going Going Gone
Baseball, a sport I love. If you don't love baseball as much as I do, you need to have second thoughts. Baseball is the most exciting sport of all. There are all sorts of noises, smells and sights.

It all starts off with the low mumble of the umpire saying, 'Strike the ball"! You can also hear the hollering of coaches fussing about the calls made by the umpire, which can get pretty loud sometimes. There's the crackling of the bat when the ball hits the bat head on. That's what you can hear at a ball game.

Here's my personal favorite thing at a baseball game, the smell! It smells like nothing you've smelled before. The fresh scent of freshly popped popcorn, with melted yummy butter. You also can't miss the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill. That's why it's my favorite thing.

Last but not least the sights. The best is if a player hits a homerun they wave their hands with a jubilant smile on their face. I wish I could do that. Best of all is when players shake hands at the end of the game which shows good sportsmanship.

So if you haven't been to a game go! You will enjoy it! Trust me I know. So get going, going gone!

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