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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Protecting Your Brain for Life

R. L. Young kindergarteners had a special treat today, compliments of the Pilot Club of Talladega. The program was entitled, "BrainMinders." The presentation stressed the importance of safety and injury prevention to save the lives of children. Every 21 seconds someone in the US incurs a brain injury. Every 16 seconds someone in the world sustains a brain injury. Brain injury is the most frequent cause of death among young people.
Since 1991, Pilot International Foundation has raised millions of dollars in financial support of charities and organizations benefiting brain disabilities and disorders. The only defense against brain injury is prevention education.

Along with the presentation, each student received a certificate and a coloring book. It is wonderful when the community and schools work together to improve the lives of Talladega's youngest citizens. Thank you for coming!

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Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL PROGRAM!! I am a former member of the Pilot Club of Talladega and am currently a member of the Pilot Club of Philadelphia Mississippi. Thanks for hosting the program.

Kelly G. Heath