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Sunday, May 17, 2009

EARTH DAY 2009 at R. L .Young

Students at R. L. Young take pride in the school campus, especially our sixth graders who will be leaving after graduation. Kaitlyn Shaddix, one of our best, summed up Earth Day.

Kaitlyn's thoughts:
Sam Thomas had a wonderful idea to plant a tree for Earth Day and in memory of the sixth graders that are leaving this year.

We went outside and there are little Bradford Pear trees sitting in the grass. Mr. Jim Armstrong, local landscaper, explained how to plant a tree. Then we started digging.

Everybody took turns, even Mrs. P. Thomas and Mrs. Shirley. After that several students picked the tree up and set it in its place.
We all gathered around and started scooping dirt in the hole. Now every morning a student waters it. This tree will forever be at R. L. Young giving off oxygen in memory of sixth graders.

Great idea and wonderful reminder of a super group of students. You will be missed! A special thanks to Jim Armstrong for his patience and guidance in our efforts to improve our campus.

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