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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Library Books ONLINE!

To access online books, go to :

I clicked on "show all" and selected a book. Make sure the speakers are on. It shows the level of the book incase they want to take an AR test. It must be in their specially determined range.

Username: readers

Password: book
*It did not ask me for a username and password, but I accessed it while in the school system.

Why is this important?
Children can now have added support to figure out words that they do not know. The audio feature can be turned off if not needed. They can also try reading the book without assistance and then again if they hit a snag or two. This would also make a great center in the classroom. There are many books in which to choose.

Thanks to Ms. Lane, R. L. Young's librarian, for sharing this important information!

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