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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congratulations to COACH STEPHENS

Every year schools select a Teacher of the Year from their faculties. You can imagine the  difficulty we have at Young deciding this important title because of the high quality of teachers we have at the school. I am glad I don't have a vote!

This year Coach Stephens was selected to represent our school. I felt this was a wonderful choice. He was also selected for JSU Teacher Hall of Fame representative. 
His unique position allows him to connect with every student every day. Which means a lot of lives are positively touched on a daily basis.
Coach's application then traveled to the Central Office to compete with T.O.Y. winners from the other 3 Talladega City Elementary Schools. Coach won for the District! His application will now travel to the State Department to compete at the next level. Congratulations to Coach Stephens. He is clearly a winner in our book!

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