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Friday, April 12, 2013

AR Trophy...They did it AGAIN!

Small and powerful, Mrs. Brooks' first graders held tight to the AR Highest Comprehension % Trophy for a second week with a 96.3. WOW! They are also the only class that had all students take at least one test this week.
Participation in the AR program allows individual readers a chance to read a book on their level and test their understanding of the book. The children choose their own books according to their interest in various topics. They have a comfort book level range to help guide them to books that are not "too easy or too hard".

As principal, I encourage you to ask your child about their AR %, the number of points earned, and what they are reading now. Even better, ask your child to read to you!

ONLY 2 WEEKS REMAIN FOR AR POINTS AND PRIZES. April 25 will end the prize window for this year, although the library will remain open until May 10.
Happy Reading!

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