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Sunday, September 14, 2014

AR Winner's Cup Goes to...

THE GIRLS! Congratulations to the R. L Young girls, who by reading and testing well, managed to take the Winner's Cup from the boys this week by a landslide (15 girls to 10 boys on the Top 20 AR Board).  Representing the girls, is Gracyn S. She challenged all girls in grades 2-6 to step up and READ during the annual AR Kickoff! 
This year R. L. Young has something new...a friendly competition between our boys and girls. Each week the principal lists the top 20 AR Readers on a cool neon light up board in the main building hallway of the school.The twist is that we are counting the total number of boys and girls on the board.

At the AR Kickoff, Ethan N., a sixth grader in Mrs. Lamberth's class, challenged all boys in the school in grades (2-6) to earn a spot on the top 20 board. The boys rose to the challenge and 14 boys claimed their place. The girls were challenged by Gracyn S., a fourth grader in Mrs. Wilson's class. They were close with only 2 short of the win. There was a total of 26 names on the board!

Ethan and Gracyn were selected for the challenge because they were on last year's Top 20 Board. They serve as leaders and motivators for the students.

As principal, I am proud of all of our readers. We are currently at 89.1 % for our school average. If your child is not participating, please encourage them to get a good book from the library and take a test. This will strengthen their reading abilities!

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