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Friday, June 26, 2015

A New Club

I feel like I have been invited for membership to a special club that has been in existence since the beginning of time, the Grandparents' Club. My grandson Everett James Wofford was born on May 20, 2015 sandwiched between kindergarten/sixth grade graduation and Awards Day. I figured he would come that last week...the busiest week of the school year.! Of course, my super employees went right on without my guidance and did a wonderful job. I appreciate Coach Stephens leading the Awards Ceremony. I heard he did a great job. I am not surprised. I am also proud of all of the recognition given that day. We have an AWESOME student body.

During these last five weeks I have done much pondering on this new role as a grandparent. I see grandparents all of the time stopping by the school house. They come for Honor Roll Assembly, grab lunch in the lunchroom, and some volunteer to help in various ways. We love their visits. But I am also quickly reminded of the wonderful grandparents connected to the school that are not only serving as a grandparent for their grand child(ren), but are also the parent in the child(ren)'s life. I have kept my grandson Everett overnight and it is a lot of work getting up for feedings and seeing to all of his needs. I would be amiss not to do a HUGE shoutout for the job you are doing to ensure that your grandchild(ren) have all of their needs met.

My daughter made a statement, "I don't see how people just let their parents raise their kids and they just visit them". But I see this every day. I honor you and what you are so unselfishly doing because of a deep love you have for your family. Thank you from R. L. Young for helping us teach your grandchild(ren). Together we make a great team. Your dedication has been duly noted and I love you for what you are doing.

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