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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year from R.L. Young
As I am sitting here counting down the time we have left in 2015, I am starting to think of what my resolutions will be for the new year. Have you started making that list yet? If not I am going to encourage you to add to the top of your list to be more involved in your child or grandchild's school. We have great support from parents and grandparents at our school but imagine how much more we could accomplish if we worked together even more. 

How can you be involved at our school:

1. Are you a member of PTO? PTO meets once a month and can always use more volunteers. PTO does a lot for R.L. Young! The Spring will be busy so make sure to come to our next meeting to see how you can help out. 

2. Volunteer in the classroom. Set up a time with the teacher that you can come in once a week or once a month. Teachers always need an extra hand. You could help a group with reading, be a guest reader, help with arts and crafts, bring in snacks, help with computers and technology, talk to the class about your job or a talent you have, etc. Not only can you help in the classroom, volunteer in the school library media center. There is always things that need to be done there or kids that need help picking out a good book! 

3. Field Trips. Field trips and educational trips have become important means of giving children diverse experiences in the community. Without parent chaperons, these trips may not be possible. If you are able to volunteer, you will probably be responsible for a particular group of children. 

4. Build something. We are always looking for ways to beautify our school grounds. We would love to have some things built around the school or rooms painted. (If anyone wants to paint the library, I am all for it!)  

There are many more ways you can be involved! Something as simple as leaving snacks for the teachers to tell them you appreciate their hard work goes a long way! We would love to see mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, anybody involved with our school. 

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