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Friday, March 4, 2016

All For Books Flower Power Contest

Each class has a section with their teacher's name to fill up. 

The book fair will begin on March 11th. Before that, we will start the All For Books Flower Power Contest. Each teacher's name is up on the ceiling beams. Students can buy a flower to write their name on for $1. This money is used for the library to purchase books off of the book fair. 

This is the flower students will write
name on and hang with their class. 
There are two chances for the teacher and class to win! This contest starts Monday, March 7th. The class that has the most flowers by the 10th will get blow pops and the teacher will get to pick two FREE books from the fair when it is delivered that day!!!!!!!! The class that has the most flowers on the last day March 16th will get a donuts and movie party in the library and the teacher gets a gift basket full of books and other goodies!

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