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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mrs. Taylor needs help with a FUN summer project!


I need your help with a summer project. The students at Young love the Flat Stanley books! There is an entire online community dedicated to documenting the travels of Flat Stanley. The Flat Stanley Project is a great way to share a journey or adventure your family had anywhere in the world. If you would be willing to take a Flat Stanley book and Flat Stanley paper doll on your vacation this summer please contact Mrs. Taylor the librarian at or 256-315-5879. All I need you to do is have your child take a picture with the book and doll where you go, then write a short story describing local traditions, the scenery, and talk about the adventure you went on with Flat Stanley. You can email me those or turn them in when you return in August. I have 6 spots for this activity. If you take multiple vacations and would like to submit more than one story that would be great. You can also document your experience on the Flat Stanley website or app at

Thank You,
Mrs. Taylor

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