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Monday, April 24, 2017

Leadership Club Day
April 21, 2017

Performing Arts - Participating in Skits

Music Makers - Playing Recorders
Younger Arts & Crafts - Using Geometric Shapes to Create Illustrations

Older Arts & Crafts -  Making Slime 
Photography - Creating 3D Pictures

Younger Technology - Coding with Robotics

Visual Arts - Painting and Creating Collages

Helping Hands - Creating a Plant Booklet

Older Technology - Working with Magnets and Computers

Sports & Games - Playing a New Game

Younger Arts & Crafts - Working with Geometric Shapes

Music Makers - Singing Campfire Songs and Eating S'mores

Performing Arts - Performing a Skit

Helping Hands - Sprucing Up the Courtyard

Younger Technology - Coding with Bots

Photography - Creating 3D Cards

Older Technology - Coding with Bots
Visual Arts - Painting

Sports & Games - Playing Basketball
Older Arts & Crafts - Making Slime

Mad Scientists - Erupting Volcanoes

Mad Scientists - Exploding Coke and Mentos

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