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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Career Week at R. L. Young: A Fun & Informative Side to Guidance and Counseling!

Mr. Tim Hallmark, Cole's uncle, shared with us
his humble experiences during his 14 month stay
in Iraq. He brought each child a US Army pin,
Army tags, a keychain and iron-on US Flags. The
students were captivated by his presentation and
so proud to wear their pins and flags. After looking
at the pictures he took while in Iraq and the surrounding
area, the students quickly concluded that they are
truly blessed to be an American and live in the land
of the free. Thanks, Mr. Hallmark!

Hungry? Food is in these containers! The students
couldn't believe an entire meal was in these
packages. And, Mrs. Armstrong would not
volunteer to eat it, either!

The students going through their "goody bags"
from Mr. Hallmark.

Mr. Johnathan Guy, Haley's & Logan's dad and guard at
FCI, spoke to Mrs. Armstrong's and Mrs. Nabors'
classes about working at a Federal Prison. He
showed to us his belt which houses his flashlight,
plastic gloves, keys and other necessities. He also
showed to us his protective vest he has to wear
in case things take a turn for the worst. The students
were so attentive and asked very good questions.
Thank you, Mr. Guy! We loved your presentation!
Some of the students think Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs.
Nabors would make wonderful guards! Thanks, again!

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