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Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Career Day at R. L. Young!

Pictured above are the faces of our future workforce.

On these steps stand future farmers, doctors,

dentists, lawyers, beauty queens, professional ball

players, law enforcement officers, mayors, waitresses,

teachers, nurses, mothers and fathers and members of

the armed forces. Dressing up like what they want to

be when they grow up was the culminating activity to

a week long study on careers. People from all walks of

life have adorned our halls and classrooms this past week

telling and demonstrating and showing pictures of what

they do everyday. We appreciated all the active

participation and willingness to help from our parents

and family members. R. L. Young truly is a good place

to learn and grow.

Mr. Johnathan Guy is pictured with his son, Logan,
after speaking to Mrs. Nabors' class about his job
as a prison guard at FCI, Talladega.
Mrs. Dayna Layfield is pictured with her
daughter, Caitlyn, after speaking to Mrs.
Hobbs' class about her job as a realtor with
Bluebird Real Estate.
Mr. Jim Hazel is pictured with his daughter, Jessica,
after speaking to Mrs. Nabors' class about his job
as a Grounds Supervisor at Shocco Springs
Conference Center. That's a lot of ground space
to be in charge of, Mr. Hazel! It's always so
pretty there.

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